Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sitting Josh Hamilton was dumb

One more note on the Angels - Orioles game. As everyone knows, Josh Hamilton has been awful so far with the Angels after signing this huge contract. He is continuing his trend from last year at swinging at everything and is batting like .208 or something. And so his manager sat him yesterday against the Orioles. That was dumb.

Why was it dumb when Hamilton just went zero for four the previous game with three strikeouts? Because he was sat down when a right-handed pitcher was pitching and that pitcher happened to be Freddy Garcia.

Yes, Garcia pitched a wonderful game. But let us not get too giddy here. At this point in his career, Freddy Garcia is a meatball pitcher. If you are expecting him to go six innings without him giving up a hit in the rest of his outings, you are expecting miracles.

I would have taken the odds that Josh Hamilton could have jacked one of those meatballs from Garcia. I would have jumped on that chance to give Hamilton an opportunity to crunch some baseballs. Instead, he was not playing.

I can see Hamilton getting a rest against a tough lefty or even a hard thrower. But against Freddy Garcia? Foolishness. Hamilton could have made a difference in that game.


Anonymous said...

It's just a matter of time until Josh Hamilton crashes. He becomes addicted to whatever is available: alcohol, chewing tobacco, caffeine, religion. Courted by the majors since he was a baby, he has become his own worst enemy and must have a full-time babysitter to keep him in line. The bloom is fast leaving the rose, and as he ages, it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we traded a player at the right time. We definitely got all Josh had, and then some. He sure was great while he was here though.