Sunday, July 21, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Sunday: July 21, 2013

Saturday started out a lot like Friday where every correct pick was balanced by an incorrect one. The Yankees winning was a surprise as were the Padres and the Mets. After after ten games were completed, the record stood at 5-5. But every pick for the rest of the day was correct and an extra innings game even went my way. Picking the White Sox over the Braves was probably the best pick of the day. I was proud of that one.

Talk about a weird game. How weird was it that the Mariners scored four runs while only tallying one hit in the game? Erik Bedard got the loss and never gave up a hit in six and a third innings. Two of the Mariners' four runs were scored in the sixth inning on a walk, a walk, a passed ball, a sacrifice fly and a passed ball. Bizarre.

On to Sunday we go. Some high powered pitching match-ups are on tap and it should be a great day of day baseball. The picks:

  • The Blue Jays over the Rays: The Blue Jays salvage one game of the series as R.A. Dickey has a good day and Chris Archer leaks enough runs for his team to lose.
  • The Mets over the Phillies: I have not yet gotten a game of this series correct. So this is one of those opposite picks. I think Cliff Lee holds back the Mets and is slightly better than the super-powered Matt Harvey. But I am picking the opposite to occur.
  • The Pirates over the Reds: The Pirates salvage one game of this series after two straight tough losses. Jeff Locke always seems to pitch well and despite his great stuff and his two no-hitters, Homer Bailey is still just 5-8.
  • The Nationals over the Dodgers: The Nats have already lost games in this series started by Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. And both pitched well too. Today, the Nats face Clayton Kershaw, only the best pitcher in the National League. But...and this is a big but...Jordan Zimmermann is my secret weapon.
  • The Braves over the White Sox: The Braves might be one of the most excuse me first place teams of all time. But there they are, still ahead by half a dozen games. Incredible. Mike Minor is a case in point. Nine wins and he seems very beatable at times. Jose Quintana, though, is never a guy I pick and rightly so.
  • The Indians over the Twins: Yeah, this is the way I picked it on Friday and Saturday and both were wrong. But I still like Justin Masterson and I still don't like to pick Kevin Correia who seems to pitch every day. But then again, all those Twins' pitchers look alike.
  • The Royals over the Tigers: Okay, I give up trying to figure out the Tigers. They are the most frustrating team there is. The Royals are right behind them. This pick is based solely on thinking James Shields has a better chance of being good than Doug Fister does.
  • The Marlins over the Brewers: I am getting all jiggy with this pick. Henderson Alvarez is going to pitch a good game. The Marlins will score their first runs this series and Wily Peralta, along with Pena, keeps the Wily name proud.
  • The Mariners over the Astros: Every time Felix Hernandez looks ordinary, I think his arm is going to fall off. And then he pitches great. Today will be one of those days. Jordan Lyles will give up more than one hit today.
  • The Cardinals over the Padres: The Cards are starting to do it to me again. Two losses to the Padres? Come on boys. Cut that out. But the big horse, Adam Wainwright, is on the mound today and that should be a win against Eric Stults.
  • The Athletics over the Angels: You win, Bartolo Colon. I capitulate. Of your twelve wins, I probably picked against you nine times. I am tired of beating my head against the wall. I do not know how you do it. But carry on. Jerome Williams has not looked good in his last three starts.
  • The Rockies over the Cubs: I have no idea, really, who is going to win this game. Edwin Jackson is sort of on a good streak. But he is at Coors. Tyler Chatwood has not convinced me yet. So I have no idea. I am going with the home team.
  • The Orioles over the Rangers: The Rangers do not seem like a good team to me. They are short in the rotation and in the lineup. The Orioles do not seem to be short on anything. Chris Tillman over Martin Perez.
  • The Yankees over the Red Sox: The Yankees play better when I predict them to lose. So this might be dumb. And CC Sabathia never pitches well at Fenway. So why am I picking him then? Because I think the Yankees will score on Ryan Dempster.

And the Game of the Day:
  • The Giants over the Diamondbacks: It is just another season in the NL West as the Giants look like crap for most of the season, then hang around as the rest of the division rots and is suddenly in first place on the last day of the season. Madison Bumgarner over Randall Delgado.

Yesterday: 10-5
Week: 10-5
Month: 137-91
Season: 814-627
Games of the Day: 64-41

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