Saturday, October 26, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Saturday: October 26, 2013

The World Series has gone two games now and I have been zero for two in picking the outcomes. Such a dismal output is a natural function of the unpredictability of post season baseball. The first and second games were decided on shoddy defensive play and the winning team taking advantage of that play. So what can we expect tonight? Golly if I know.

Naturally, there are always questions. If David Ortiz plays first base, how much will the Red Sox miss Mike Napoli's bat and glove? Is John Farrell finally over his Jonny Gomes fetish and will play Daniel Nava? Which pitcher between Joe Kelly and Jake Peavy will have a good outing when both have been questionable so far this post season?

Well, I need to make a prediction, so here goes. The pick:

  • The Cardinals over the Red Sox: I have no faith in Jake Peavy these days. Since replacing Ryan Dempster, he has turned into Ryan Dempster after a good first month with the Red Sox. The Cardinals get the first home game so if they score early, that crowd will be deafening. Joe Kelly will have to pitch well and if he is on his game, that 94 MPH two-seam fastball will need to result in ground balls and some pop ups. If either starter falters or if both do, I like the Red Sox middle relief better than the Cardinals. I see two possible outcomes here. One is a slugfest with neither starter doing well. If that happens, the Red Sox have the advantage. The other outcome is Joe Kelly pitching well. I do not see Jake Peavy pitching well either way.

Thursday: 0-1
Post season: 19-16
Season: 1393-1083

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