Thursday, October 24, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Thursday: October 24, 2013

Yesterday's pick of the Cardinals could not have been more wrong. The Cardinals played a horrible game and the one thing they did really right cost them their post season hero (at least for the rest of the game). The Cardinals could not field, they could not hit Jon Lester and Adam Wainwright was uncharacteristically high in the strike zone. Put it all together and it was a lopsided and embarrassing loss to start the World Series.

The big question is whether they can regroup against a Red Sox team that cannot seem to do anything wrong. Cardinal fans have to wonder if 2004 is going to happen again as the Cardinals have now dropped five World Series games in a row to the Red Sox.

Tonight will be interesting. First, the Red Sox start John Lackey, who likes to pitch at home. But he is at least a right-hander so there is no excuse for the Cardinals not to hit. Against this "grizzled" veteran with the rebuilt elbow is Michael Wacha who just two years ago was pitching college ball. Will the youngster be dominant? Will Lackey pitch one of his best games of the season? Will Carlos Beltran play?

The pick:

  • The Red Sox over the Cardinals: I really hate to pick against Michael Wacha and if he and the Cardinals lose this game, they are in deep doo-doo. But the Red Sox showed last night that they are ready for this and the Cardinals showed that they were not. The key, I think is John Lackey. If he is effective from the first inning, the Red Sox score a couple and win the game. If Lackey gets toasted, then this pick is all messed up. The oddsmakers have the Red Sox by a large margin. But Wacha can and has made a difference before. Wacha needs to throw his change-up effectively and down to David Ortiz who seems to sit fastball these days and Mike Napoli. It will be interesting.

Yesterday: 0-1
Post season: 19-15
Season: 1393-1082

Oh, and Cardinals fans: Stop making fun of Fenway Park. It is unseemly and very small of youz.

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