Sunday, October 13, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Sunday: October 13, 2013

Both of my picks were wrong yesterday. But I was not thinking of that at all while watching two of the most exciting and tense playoff games ever yesterday. Both games finished with a score of 1-0, which has never happened before. Both games featured four big-time pitching performances and great bullpen work. And with a score like it was, the tension lasted right through to the last batter of each game.

The Red Sox added a bit more drama than the Dodgers. At least they put a man in scoring position in the ninth after getting their first hit of the game (!). Over in St. Louis, Trevor Rosenthal pitched what might have been the most dominant closer inning in playoff history. Just wow.

So you could not have asked for better games. Of course, Red Sox and Dodgers fans might not agree because they came up on the short end. But still. Yesterday was why we love baseball and why it is the best sport on the planet.

Which brings me to Sunday's game. Sunday means day baseball. To have the only game of the day be played at 8:07 really upsets me. This is the playoffs. If Fox does not want to get their precious NFL messed with, then they should not bid on baseball. I am really tired of money being the only factor for when these games are played.

The Pick:

  • The Red Sox over the Tigers: Detroit's pitching has owned the last two seasons they have been in the ALCS. By design or by fate, they completely shut down the Yankees last year and then did the same to the Red Sox in Game 1. I have to take that into account. But at the same time, I have to look at both pitchers and both are great. How great? Well how about the fact that both of them combined went 33-4 this season? Woof. Max Scherzer is your AL CYA winner this year. Well, they haven't announced that award yet, but he is going to win it and he deserved it. But he is not a guy you think of throwing shutouts. His brilliance has been limiting the opposing team to one or two runs to allow his team to win. Clay Buchholz has shut down stuff. He has the ability to pitch nothing but zeroes. In his sixteen starts this season, his ERA was 1.74. At home, I have to go with Buchholz. And unlike the Yankees last year, I have to believe the Red Sox cannot be smoked the entire series.

Yesterday: 0-2
Post Season: 17-9
Season: 1389-1077

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