Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: October 30, 2013

The last game picks post was Monday and I even predicted a score. I predicted the score would end up, 3-1. I was exactly correct. But I picked the wrong team! Ahhh!! Five World Series games are now in the books and I have only picked one of them correctly. That has pushed my overall post season record to the point where it is just barely over .500 and the only thing that will keep me from getting below .500 is that there are only one or two games left.

And that is what today's pick is all about. Will the Series go two more games or one? Everything seems to be in Boston's favor right now. They are home with a 3-2 lead. They went to St. Louis and took two out of three there. Now they are in their home park with their own wildly screaming fans and pitch John Lackey who has already shown he can push around the Cardinals at Fenway Park. The only obstacle they have in front of them is Michael Wacha. Wacha was great and recorded a win against the Red Sox. But in that game, the Red Sox broke Wacha's magical spell and hit a two-run homer off of him.

So what will happen tonight? The pick:

  • The Red Sox over the Cardinals: Wacha, no matter how good he is, is still green as a Major League pitcher. His post season story has been miraculous. For him to pitch another insanely good game seems against logic. This is going to be a Red Sox team with blood in their eyes looking for a way to strike. The Cardinals will be looking for a way not to lose the game while the Red Sox will be expecting to win it. The mental aspect of this game of baseball is not to be overlooked even if it cannot be measured. What I have seen in this series is a Red Sox team that had a plan against each pitcher they faced while the Cardinals have had no game plan going in to each game. The Cardinals have allowed the Red Sox pitchers determine the pace and the battle lines. It is that plan for the Red Sox and the lack of a plan by the Cardinals that has determined this series. The Red Sox win the sixth and final game of this 2013 World Series. But then again, I am 1-4 in the first five games, so what do I know?

Monday: 0-1
Post season: 20-18
Season: 1394-1085

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