Monday, October 28, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Monday: October 28, 2013

I finished off yesterday's picks post by saying something silly about the game ending on catcher's interference. This 2013 World Series is proving that nothing is silly. No, it was not a catcher's interference. Instead it was a two-out pick-off with Carlos Beltran standing at the plate representing the tying run. But let's not get too carried away with the pick-off, even as embarrassing as it was. The odds of Beltran hitting Koji Uehara were still high. This game was pretty much over when Jonny Gomes (take THAT haters) hit his three-run homer off of Seth Maness.

And it was that homer that again put me in the wrong column. I have now incorrectly picked three of the four World Series games. I wrote a piece yesterday about how in Game Three, everything John Farrell did went wrong. In Game Four, everything Farrell did went right. Go figure. That is baseball.

So bring on Game Five, the last home game of the St. Louis Cardinals' season. The two aces of the staff will battle. Who will win? The pick:

  • The Cardinals over the Red Sox: The last time these two starters met, Jon Lester was terrific and Adam Wainwright was much less so. Wainwright suffered from shoddy defense (including his own) but he was not "on" his game either. I believe tonight will be different. This is a big-time pitcher who has pitched his share of big-time games. He will be pitching in his home park in front of his own fans. The Red Sox still have to forego playing Mike Napoli as they lose the DH. I still expect Lester to pitch well. The Cardinals still have a problem with lefties. I see the score in a crisp, tight game of something like 3-1 or 3-2. But then again, why would you believe anything I predict? This is a great World Series in pretty much the same way a great NASCAR race includes spectacular wrecks.

Yesterday: 0-1
Post Season: 20-17
Season: 1394-1084

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