Thursday, October 31, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Wrapping it up in a bow

The season officially ended as the Boston Red Sox claimed the World Series title with a dominating win over the St. Louis Cardinals. I was a bit sad that I correctly picked the last game as I wanted the series to go a full seven. But I was correct in that the Red Sox were like sharks with blood in the water and that logic dictated that the green Michael Wacha had no more miracles in his bag. Congratulations to the Red Sox and their fans, especially those in my Twitter timeline that I have gotten to know so well.

I finished the post season at 21-18, which was better than last year's dismal performance of 17-20. My final season tally led to me being correct 56.1 percent of the time this season. I think this completes my fourth complete season doing this and five years altogether. And I have been consistently mediocre at my job here. Two years ago, I was correct 56.3 percent of the time and last year was 55.5 percent.

I doubt any of those numbers are close to being as good as the odds makers or those who simply use computers to project the outcomes. But I do not do this to be a computer or to predict odds for gambling purposes.

Why do I do this anyway? Well, a long time ago, a reader asked me to and I gave that reader what he wanted. That simple request became my obsession and I did not miss a single day for the second season in a row and only missed two or three days the season before that due to a computer glitch.

It has become a way for me to stay connected with my favorite sport day after day. Doing so kept me on top of players and trends and helps the rest of my writing. It is not always easy. I kept my continuous day streak by getting up an extra hour before work each day and even earlier on golfing weekends. It meant making sure a laptop was always with me when I traveled. But hey, we all need our obsessions. This is mine.

And I also know that there are many of you who stopped by here day after day to see what I had to say and I appreciate that. Knowing you are out there makes doing this even more fun. Thank you for making the Game Picks a daily stop on your Internet journey.

The feature will continue next season and in the meantime, I will have more time to write real articles about the sport I love over the off season. Baseball is the greatest game of them all and that is one thing that ties us all together.

Until Opening Day, this is a wrap for the Game Picks. I had a blast.

Yesterday: 1-0
Post season: 21-19
Final season tally: 1395-1085

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