Wednesday, October 09, 2013

MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: October 9, 2013

After yesterday's games, the Red Sox are in and the Tigers get to fight another day. The Tigers forced a Game 5 with a thrilling (and disputed) win over the Athletics. Yesterday, I speculated on whether Max Scherzer would start instead of Doug Fister. He did not. But Fister was decent and Scherzer did pitch after all and got the win in relief. After all, he got the run support, right?

The Red Sox could not afford to let their series get to a fifth game and ended their series with a third win down in St. Pete. I think the Red Sox are going to win it all, but let's see what happens. What I do know is that Joe Maddon emptied his pitching staff to get a win and could not get it done because his offense could not score more than a run against Jake Peavy and a great bullpen. Koji Uehara did not blow this one and made the Rays look silly in the ninth. You know what was brilliant? The Red Sox making Rodney throw strikes. Brilliant.

We are left with two Game Fives to figure out the rest of the ALCS and NLCS casts of characters. The NLDS will conclude today and the ALDS tomorrow.

Today's pick:

  • The Cardinals over the Pirates: This is not the most confident pick I've ever made. This game really feels like it could go either way. The Pirates were smart to bypass A.J. Burnett, who is not a good match-up against the Cardinals, and will instead go with Gerrit Cole. Have you ever seen a playoff series rely on young pitchers as much as this one? Cole will have to be pretty darn good for the Pirates to have a chance here. While Adam Wainwright is in the ace category, he is not unstoppable. He can be had for two to four runs. Or he could shut the door too. It depends on how strong he comes out of the gate. The Cardinals have everything set up their way. The game is in their bullpark. They have their ace on the mound. Now they have to execute. The Pirates will need to play their best game of the season to continue their Cinderella's ball.

Yesterday: 2-0
Post Season: 12-7
Season: 1386-1075

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