Monday, May 11, 2015

MLB Game Picks - Monday: May 11, 2015

On a full day of baseball, I consider nine correct picks a good day and ten a great day. That designation hung in the balance last night until midnight with the Royals - Tigers game. It was 1-1 going into the ninth and the home field advantage of the Tigers was somewhat nullified by the great Royals' bullpen. The bullpen won out and I didn't have a great day. I had a good day.
Monday's picks:
  • The Pirates over the Phillies: The Pirates came alive a little bit against the Cards. Gerrit Cole pitches and he has been great. Jerome Williams goes for the Phillies and he will pitch well about a third of the time. I'm counting on this not being one of those thirds.
  • The Orioles over the Blue Jays: I don't think the AL East has played anyone but each other for the first six weeks of the season. And anything can happen in any match-up. I don't think the Orioles will have trouble with Marco Estrada. A lot will depend on how well Ubaldo Jimenez pitches.
  • The Reds over the Braves: It's so weird seeing the Braves have such a bad bullpen. When is the last time it was like that? Considering this pick, Shelby Miller has been great for the Braves. But Mike Leake has been great for the Reds, I know as I have picked against him several times.
  • The Rays over the YankeesCC Sabathia has thrown a goose egg thus far and is 0-5. That streak has to end some time. Will today be that day? Alex Colome has had two very good outings and has yet to walk a batter. I'm going with the Rays at home.
  • The White Sox over the Brewers: The White Sox have come alive and have started winning regularly. They will lose the DH today, but should still have more offense than the Brewers. Jeff Samardzija versus Wily Peralta.
  • The Cubs over the Mets: I love me some Jacob deGrom and it pains me to pick against him. But he loves his fastball and the Cubs have all these young guys who can club fastballs. Meanwhile, Jon Lester is rounding into form after a slow start.
  • The Nationals over the Diamondbacks: I'm still waiting for Max Scherzer to get all commando on the National League. It hasn't happened yet. Perhaps it will start today against his old team. Josh Collmenter will try to keep up.
  • The Red Sox over the Athletics: The A's have yet to get it together this season. Neither have the Red Sox for that matter. But the Red Sox will win their second in a row and everyone will talk about how important that players-only team meeting was. Gag me. Rick Porcello versus Scott Kazmir.
  • The Dodgers over the Marlins: Zack Greinke has been about as money as money can get this season. Tom Koehler should be good in a big ballpark. It might be a squeaker but the Dodgers will prevail.
And the Pick of the Day:
  • The Royals over the Rangers: Even now, I have a hard time believing that the Royals are a world class team. Some day it will sink in. Danny Duffy goes today against Colby Lewis and it may not be pretty for the Rangers.
Yesterday: 9-6, May: 76-64, Season: 240-229, Pick of the Day: 19-16

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