Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex Rodriguez at His News Conference

The Fan was multi-Taskering this afternoon. Kept an eye on A-Rod's news conference, while keeping an eye on Rob Neyer's ESPN.com chat while also working on the family's 2008 taxes. What an emotional roller coaster that was!

The bottom line on all three: The Fan is going to owe the IRS big time, A-Rod owes me nothing more and Mr. Neyer runs fun chats but never answers the Fan's questions. Well, one out of three is better than nothing.

A-Rod did the best he could do under the circumstance. He took the blame. He said as much as the spin doctors would let him. He thanked his teammates. He didn't defend his stats and said their historical relevance would be up to others and not him. And he wants to be judged from this day forward. He dodged quite a few questions, which is the right PR move at the moment. He admitted to a form of amphetamine while with Seattle.

He handled himself about as good as can be asked for by the Yankees. Even Buster Olney seemed to be satisfied (Egads! Let's hope so). This Fan knows the reality that we won't hear the last of this story or others. But can we focus on baseball now? Let's hope so.

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