Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week's Transaction Wire is Closed Capspunned

The transaction wire is slowing down a bit. Teams have their rosters close to being set and the next slew of transaction won't arrive until teams start making their cuts. But there were still a few and enough to at least take a look:

- The former Brooklyn Dogders went back to the Hudson and signed Orlando. Having Orlando in California should make it a lot easier for the Disney accountants to keep their books straight.

- The home blogs for Mets' fans Livaned up a bit after their team signed Hernandez to a minor league contract.

- Santana can afford a few to make a few more CDs after Erwin signed a four year contract with the Angels.

- Though no longer the Hart of the Brewers' lineup, Corey signed for another stint with the team.

- No longer making Emillion dollars a year, Brown had to settle for a minor league contract.

- The Nationals kept a good media guy in Josh who is aways a Willingham in team commercials.

- The Nationals and Milledge didn't want to grind through the arbitration process and the team is hoping not to be Lastings again in the standings (two puns for the price of one!).

- The Indians found Andy to be too much like K-Marte and designated him, probably leading to his release and a possible Blue Light Special.

- Isaias the Indians have been busy! The team traded Velasquez for pitcher, Juan, in what looks to the Fan like a fire Salas.

- Mr. Roberts almost went to Washington, but settled close by in Baltimore, where Brian will remain for another four years.

And that's a skinny dip through the transaction wires for the past seven days. There aren't any more, so the Fan hasn't denuded you of anything.

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Josh Borenstein said...

They should do this in newspapers. It's fun to read.