Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seattle Mariners Sailing Strongly

Don't look now but the Seattle Mariners lead the American League West by three and a half games. With a division facing massive pitching woes in Anaheim, Oakland and Texas, they just could win this thing.

Their pitching has been sensational. They are fifth in the majors through the first six innings and first from the seventh inning on. Their bullpen has a 1.91 ERA and the team overall has given up the second fewest walks in the majors.

The team's offense hasn't been that great and they are in the middle of the pack in team batting average. The Mariners' On Base Percentage is a woeful .318, currently 24th in the majors. But pitching cancels out a lot of batting woes and the Mariners certainly are pitching.

The Mariners currently have the second best record in the American League (behind Toronto) and are 7-1 in their own division (12-6 overall). If they can maintain a .500 record outside of their own division and keep mashing up their rivals, they have a great chance to stay on top of the division throughout the year.


Francisco Serrano said...

you got to put some moeny on them if you think they can make it.
They are currently 4:1

I dont think so though. Agree with you that Texas and Oakland are no rivals. Anaheim gets people back and wins.

William said...

Thanks for the comeback Francisco. I don't see any life in the Angel's players. I think they are going to dig too deep a hole. But time will tell.