Saturday, May 02, 2009

More Guys that Should Retire

Yesterday in the FanDome, we started talking about players who somehow still have a job in the major leagues despite not having any business still getting a paycheck. The old Fan got sleepy and didn't really complete the list. Here is the rest of it.

- Greg Zaun: How fortunate was Zaun that the Orioles wanted to scrimp a few bucks by starting Matt Wieters in the minors? The Orioles, of course, made the move to gain a year more of Wieter's services before he can go to arbitration and later, free agency. The Fan railed about it at the time and is still steamed. Zaun? The 38 year-old catcher has an OPS+ right now of 11. That's right, 11. Zaun should walk away as soon as June rolls around and Wieters comes to Baltimore. It's a good thing the Orioles were so conscious of their attendance in this recession and allowed their fans to see a creaky, ancient catcher put together six hits in fifty-four At Bats with only one RBI. Yup. Did the Fan mention that he has only thrown out four base runners out of twenty? Oh nevermind.

- Tony Graffanino: The last time the Indians' infielder played in the majors was 2007 and that year, Graffanino batted .238. It's now two years later and he is two years older and somebody thought this was a good idea? His current OPS+ isn't even a plus, but a -12. The Fan has never seen a minus before on OPS+. But that's what happens when someone goes 3 for 23.

- Alan Embree: Yeah, yeah, he's a LOOGY. But he isn't a particularly good one. And he's 39. Last year, his ERA (4.96) was a full run higher than the year before. So far this year, his ERA is 6.00. Last year, at least he struck out 57 batters in 60 innings. So far this year, he's struck out one in six innings. He isn't fooling anyone.

- Darin Erstad: Erstad isn't that old, but he is the older version of Byrnes. He crashed one too many walls when he was young. So far this year, he has nine strikeouts and only four hits in 23 At Bats. His OPS+ won't stay at 1 like is now (1??) but his average OPS+ the last three years is 64, so it's not like it's going to be pretty some day.

- Doug Brocail and Brian Moehler: Erstad isn't the only one on the Astros that should call it a career. Brocail has given up 12 base runners in 4.1 innings. Eight of those were walks. Brocail is 42 years old and NOT a LOOGY. Moehler has Wang-like numbers. The 37 year-old is 0-2 and has given up 15 hits and 12 earned runs in 4.1 innings. Wow! Hey Moe! Time to go!

You know, this is a thought process that is very draining. All these negative numbers sap a normally upbeat writer. Let's leave it here for now and try to finish it up tomorrow. Ugh. There has to be something FUN to write about.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I can't believe Dave Weathers is still pitching - and still effective, too. Also Darren Oliver. Seems like they've been around forever.