Friday, May 01, 2009

Some Players That Should Retire

The 2009 MLB off season was a strange one and a lot of players had a hard time finding jobs (at least for the kind of money they expected). But some others did find jobs that shouldn't have and are still working for clubs and shouldn't be. Here are just a few:

- Tom Gordon: Gordon is now 42 and is in his 21st season. A 42 year-old reliever that is not a LOOGY is not a good idea. He blew the game for Arizona last night. This follows the last two seasons when his ERA was 4.72 (2007) and 5.16 (2008). Enough is enough, Flash.

- Gary Sheffield: He got his 500th home run. Now it's time to go into that good night. A .725 OPS last year and is currently sitting at .691 this year should be enough to indicate that he is done as a player. It's time for him to swagger on out of there.

- Guillermo Mota: Now 35, or as close to 35 as anyone originally from the Dominican Republic can be, Mota had a decent season for Milwaukee last year, but has given up 15 base runners already in seven innings this year. Why is this Mota still running?

- Tony Clark: Everyone loves Tony Clark. He's a great clubhouse guy, but he's now 36 and batting .160. It's time to start your coaching career, Tony.

- Eric Byrnes: Now 33, he is giving every indication that he is Byrned out. He hit .209 last year and is sitting at .176 this year. Looks like he hit one wall too many.

- Garrett Anderson: Guess it seemed like a good idea to the Braves. But he is batting .200 with no homers and only three doubles. Here's an idea. How about you and Greg Norman both tell the Braves that it was fun, but thanks anyway.

- Jose Contreras: Now 37 years old (Best we can tell anyway), Contreras is now 0-3 with a WHIP of 1.72. Enough said. He's done.

More tomorrow.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I agree with all of the above, except Byrnes and Contreras. I think both could still turn it around. Contreras will be average, at best. But that'll be good enough for most GMs. Byrnes may just be off to a slow start.