Saturday, May 02, 2009

Longoria and Pena - Best One-Two Punch in Baseball?

The Bay Rays found what they needed to turn their season around: Play the Red Sox! The team from Tampa just seems to triumph against the mighty Sox, especially at home. The game again featured a one-two punch from Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena, who might be, at this point, be the best three-four combination in baseball.

Evan Longoria hit a grand slam and now has seven homers and 28 RBI in just 24 games and is batting .368. His OPS is a ridiculous 1.148. We are watching a superstar develop with this guy who is clearly comfortable in his MLB skin in just his second year. Plus, he has cut back on his strikeouts and is hitting the ball much more consistently. He already has 11 doubles to go along with his homers.

Carlos Pena, meanwhile, has already hit 10 homers in his cleanup position and has knocked in 25 in just those 24 games. He doesn't get the bat on the ball as consistently as Longoria, but when he does hit it, the ball goes a long way. He only has a .256 Batting Average, but his OPS is sitting at .981.

The Bay Rays have a tough stretch of games against the Red Sox and Yankees, but they have started off the stretch, 2-0 and riding off their three-four monsters in the batting order, the AL East is getting interesting.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I'm in this "anti-fantasy" league where we try to build a team for the next 5 seasons and make reasoned arguments for whose team is the best. I had the 4th pick in the draft, and guess who I took? Longoria.