Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another All Star Game in the Books Plus Observations

The National League finally won one. The American League had not lost in thirteen years (including the infamous tie eight years ago) but Matt Thornton, who has been a killer for the White Sox this season, was a killer of a different sort as he inherited two runners from Phil Hughes and allowed both of them to score--along with one of his walked runners--to blow the game. That means the National League automatically has home field advantage for the World Series...which does matter.

2010 has been the year of the pitcher and the All Star Game was certainly a reflection of that as power pitcher after power pitcher came in and blew hitters away. Andy Pettite was probably the slowest pitcher up there with his 91 MPH fastball but he had an easy inning too. The American League's only run was unearned in one of the comical moments of the game when a squibber to the mound with runners on first and second prompted Dodgers' reliever, Kuo, to airmail the throw about ten feet above the first baseman. Except for the Thorton/Hughes inning, the NL batters looked just as feeble.

Most of you probably watched the game, so there is no sense giving a blow by blow account of the game. You can always go to one of the major sports outlets if you want that kind of thing. Instead, here are a few observations:

- During Jose Valverde's inning of relief where he struck out the side on the strength of his freakish forkball (or split fingered fasball, whichever you prefer), the Fan kept singing, "I put a spell on you." The guy is a nut.

- Okay, the Fan was wrong about David Ortiz being finished, but after getting thrown out at second on a single, he is definitely a lard ass.

- If Girardi wasn't going to bat A-Rod, shouldn't he have used him to run for Ortiz? But then again, his run wasn't that important. It just looks bad in retrospect because Ortiz is...well...uhh...a lard ass.

- Is Fox going to get every major televised event forever? Buck and McCarver were at least tolerable during the telecast. But the Fan sure is sick of Fox broadcasts.

- How about that question to Torii Hunter at the end of the game? Paraphrased: "After you basically choked big time twice with runners in scoring position, didn't you want to succeed?" Kudos to Hunter for not wanting to strangle the guy.

- Kevin Millar is even more annoying with a mic in his hand than he was as a player.

- Speaking of Fox, was it absolutely necessary for the game to start at 8:50 ET ensuring that any East Coast viewer would have to stay up until midnight on a workday?

- Colbie Caillat sang an enjoyably different version of "God Bless America," but that gal from Fox's "Glee" sure ralphed on the "Star Spangled Banner." She sang too many Mariahs and not enough melody, Dog.

- The Fan and his wife sure had fun shouting, "CLANK" after every replay of the ball hitting and bouncing off of Holliday's glove. hehehe It's the little things in life that make a marriage.

- David Price should be thrilled with his first All Star experience. He's a fun kid to watch on the mound and in the dugout.

- Wasn't it a hoot for Yadier Molina to get a hit which interrupted Buck's description of Molina having a bat year with the bat?

- After talking about Sheppard and Steinbrenner dying this week, Buck said there will be two new monuments in centerfield for the Yankees next year. Sheppard already has one. Oh, and not everyone gets a monument. Most get just plaques. Oops.

- Michael Bourn's one at bat sure did a lot for those who insist that it's stupid to make sure every team is represented at an All Star Game. If he had a hundred swings, he never would have touched the ball the way he was swinging.

- Brian Wilson, the Giants' closer, sure is a well-kept secret. He's nasty.

- The Fan thinks Joakim Soria should have pitched instead of Verlander. Verlander can be a lot more hittable than Soria.

- The Fan wonders if A-Rod is pissed.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I was happy for Marlon Byrd. Probably the only All-Star Game he'll ever be in, and he made a tremendous throw.

Ken Rosenthal is an idiot. He's like a doctor with bad bedside manner. He has bad interview question manner. What a douchy question to ask Hunter.