Saturday, August 27, 2011

Game Picks - Saturday: August 27, 2011

Blurry hazel eyes opened this morning to a perfect blue sky and it seemed strange. For one thing, sunny days have been rare this season as hot temperatures have continued to push moisture up the funnel of the Jet Stream to dump record rains to northern Maine. Secondly, south of us by a day's drive, Irene will begin to batter New Jersey, New York and then the rest of New England. For once this summer, our location is a good thing.

Predicting games today ought to be a nightmare as MLB has totally messed up the schedule due to the storm on the East Coast. Yesterday was no picnic even without any disruptions. Once again, this sad picker stuck with the Yankees even though A.J. Burnett was pitching. Once again, that proved to be the most foolhardy of events. Picture that as a pick going out on an ocean jetty to watch hurricane waves. Yeah, that was stupid.

And then there was the Phillies' pick. That proved to be a dumb pick too along with the Rockies pick as once again, Jim Tracy left Esmil Rogers in the game an inning too long. That's the second time Tracy has spoiled a great outing by Rogers by asking more of the pitcher than he had in his tank. The Blue Jays pick was also bloody stupid. The Bay Rays jumped out to an early lead and then Jose Bautista argued balls and strikes and made sure it stayed that way. Son, you're the team's best player, you've got to stay in the game.

The Athletics pick over the Red Sox was pretty brilliant, but there weren't enough picks like that to make it a great day. It was just a mediocre day. So let's check out Saturday's wind blown schedule:

  • The Red Sox sweep the Athletics: The A's pitching staff is already gassed and now they have to play two today. The Red Sox feast on young pitching and they will feast on Guillermo Moscoso and Graham Godfrey. Jon Lester and Erik Bedard go for the Sox.
  • The Phillies over the Marlins: It would be a shock if this game is played, but if it is, Roy Halladay will beat Anibal Sanchez.
  • The Blue Jays over the Bay Rays: This picker must be stupid or something to go back to a bad well time after time. But Luis Sanchez was brilliant in his last start and the Blue Jays have killed Jeff Niemann in the past.
  • The Dodgers over the Rockies: Matt Kemp, meet Kevin Millwood. Pad your 30/30 season, son. Chad Billingsley continues his confusing season.
  • The Tigers over the Twins: Justin Verlander pads his Cy Young credentials against the hapless Twins.
  • The Cardinals over the Pirates: Lance Berkman has had such a smile inducing season, hasn't he? Chris Carpenter has had more smiles in the second two-thirds of the season than he did in the first third. He beats Brad Lincoln.
  • The Indians over the Royals: Really want to pick the Royals here behind Danny Duffy. But the Royals are so mismanaged, it's silly. Fausto Carmona will pitch well and maybe Jim Thome will make an impact.
  • The Brewers over the Cubs: The Brewers at home? Please! Yovani Gallardo over Ryan Dempster, whose road ERA looks A.J. Burnettish.
  • The Nationals over the Reds: Ross Detwiler is looking impressive and has already beaten the Reds once this season. Mike Leake is...well...leaking.
  • The Rangers over the Angels: The decision to pitch Ervin Santana and Jared Weaver on three days rest is not a good one. They will pay for that as they can't beat the Rangers. They can beat everyone else in the AL West and thus should have stuck with their regular rotation. C.J. Wilson wins at home.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Padres: Aaron Harang is 6-0 on the road. But his ERA is a run higher than at home. He's not a good bet today as he faces Joe Saunders in Arizona.
  • The Giants over the Astros: Despite the MLB debut of Eric Surkamp, the Giants will beat Brett Myers and the Astros.

And the Game of the Day!

  • The White Sox over the Mariners: This should be a close game as John Danks faces Michael Pineda. But the White Sox win late with their bullpen.

Yesterday: 8-7
Week: 44-38
Month: 201-150
Season: 1075-891
Games of the Day: 90-54  fixed a typo that snuck in six days ago. Four straight bad picks here!

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