Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Short Post on David Robertson

This writer just spent a few minutes ogling David Roberston's numbers over on B-R. What an unbelievable season he's having. He's won three games against no losses. His ERA is 1.29. He's struck out 13.5 batters per nine innings. Robertson has 26 holds in 29 opportunities. He's making major league hitters look like minor league players. Literally. David Robertson pitched 82 games in the minor leagues. His ERA in those 82 appearances? 1.30. His strikeout rate in the minors was 12.7 per nine.


Jonathan C. Mitchell said...

You on a Yankee kick lately? Haha!

Robertson has been lights out and possibly the best reliever in the entire AL.

Left Field said...


I just don't love the 26 walks in 48 innings, but he hasn't given up a single homer (knock wood), so that helps.