Sunday, October 16, 2011

Game Picks - Sunday: October 16, 2011

Saturday's game between the Tigers and Rangers was really kind of a sad ending for what has been a great Tigers' season. Jim Leyland could not work his rotation in his favor after a tough series with the Yankees and his bullpen proved his undoing. The route was simply a shame for him and his team. On the other hand, it was a party for the Rangers from the third inning on as they pounded in run after run. When this team (the Rangers) get on a hitting roll, they are pretty hard to stop and their bullpen has been played to perfection. Despite losing home field advantage in the World Series and the DH for four games, the Rangers are going to be hard to beat.

The series ending win by the Rangers means that from now on, we'll never have more than one game on any given day for the rest of the post season and that's kind of sad. We are tumbling downhill toward a conclusion of what has been a great baseball season. And this picker doesn't feel that there will be another game played after tonight until the World Series starts on Wednesday. Why? Because of this Sunday pick:

  • The Cardinals over the Brewers: The Cardinals have their two best pitchers lined up for the last two games of this series while the Brewers have to go with the softer side of their rotation. Shaun Marcum has not had a good post season. Which is about as much an understatement as saying that Nelson Cruz has had a pretty good post season so far. The Brewers are at home though and it won't be an easy win. Jackson can be a mystery at times. But if he has another clunker in him, LaRussa will pull the plug early and play match ups the rest of the game. It's worked for him in every other game, so why not? For the Brewers to have any chance, they will need to jump ahead early and have Marcum find a way to get some outs. This picker can see one of those things happening but not both.

Yesterday: 1-0
Last Week: 5-5
Month: 17-12
Season: 1380-1077

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