Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Official BBA General Chapter Ballot for Walter Johnson Awards

October is awards time for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. The BBA--an alliance of baseball writers around the world--awards top managers, rookies, relief pitchers, pitchers and the league's best overall players each year. Chapters of the BBA are split up by team affiliations, fantasy baseball sites, historical sites, etc. Your favorite Fan is the president of the General Chapter and the votes from around the chapter have been tallied and this is the official chapter results. This post will serve as our chapter's official ballot and be considered as a block vote.

Today we send our vote for The Walter Johnson Award, awarded in each league for the best pitchers in the majors. The American League was a runaway with a unanimous vote for Justin Verlander. Verlander received every first place vote, the first such occurrence in the awards voted on thus far. The National League was more of a horse race with Clayton Kershaw and Roy Halladay splitting all first place votes. Kershaw, the wonderful young pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers is our winner.

Here are how the votes broke down:

The following sites participated in the voting. Please visit their terrific sites!

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Flagrant Fan 
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