Monday, October 17, 2011

Nyjer Morgan Poll Shows Split

Just for fun, this site posted a poll asking fans about Nyjer Morgan and how his antics played for those of us who watch baseball. Almost predictably, the poll showed that Morgan is a guy you either love or hate. There is little in between. The results were split, just like his personality. The poll talked about the Brewers celebration as a team, but we all know the real flash point here is Morgan.

Eleven in the poll thought the Cardinals should drill Morgan in the ribs. And eleven thought his antics are fun and exciting. Five votes indicated that Morgan's antics were bush league and wrong while six thought they were good for the game.

It's all very interesting. Love him or hate him, people will have conversations concerning Nyjer Morgan. And anytime there is conversation, baseball benefits.

Of course, this writer thinks his season offensively was an outlier. We'll just have to see how opinions of Morgan change when he shows that he isn't quite the ballplayer this season painted him to be.


Rich Jones said...

Morgan is an idiot and the Brewers seem to attract idiots

Stevo-sama said...

One thing is for sure...T Plush is kinda quiet right now!!

Robbie said...

This poll is really interesting. As someone that has loathed Nyjer Morgan since his days as a National I always wondered if there were actually people out there who enjoy his shenanigans. Now I know!

Rj Daw said...

this guy should be offloaded in the post season he's a buffoon