Friday, May 30, 2014

MLB Game Picks - Friday: May 30, 2014

Have you ever heard a grim laugh? You know the kind where things get so bad you just have to laugh because there is nothing else you can do? When I went to see the scores last night, I immediately searched out the Dodgers game. And sure enough, they lost. They were the Game of the Day pick. And for the sixth straight day, it was incorrect. It's comical. It's a joke.
To make matters worse, it was another bad day in total. The Blue Jays did not win because of an error, so that team's streak is over. Ubaldo Jimenez had never lost to the Astros. He lost. Jaime Garcia pitched a very good game as I predicted. But Carlos Martinez came in and blew it. I just want this month to get over!
Friday's picks:
  • The Indians over the Rockies: The Rockies get an extra bat in the lineup and Juan Nicasio is a pretty good pitcher. And the Indians are missing Swisher and Santana. So why pick the Indians then? Corey Kluber.
  • The Yankees over the Twins: The Yankees spent eleven days on the road, so some home cooking is going to feel good. I don't like picking Vidal Nuno but I think the Yankees will hit Ricky Nolasco.
  • The Phillies over the Mets: I hate picking A.J. Burnett because he is so unpredictable. But I can't count on Rafael Montero even though the youngster came up big in his last start.
  • The Rangers over the Nationals: Picking Stephen Strasburg never works out for me. So maybe picking against him will help him. I don't know anything at this point. The Nationals are not playing well. With that talent, they should be flying. Colby Lewis with the win.
  • The Blue Jays over the Royals: Can someone tell me how at the age of 31, J.A. Happ has gained a MPH on his fastball from a year ago and two and a half MPH from three years ago? But it's happened if you care to look it up. Jason Vargas faces a lineup on fire.
  • The Marlins over the Braves: The Marlins are back at home where good things seem to happen for them. Tom Koehler has been a huge surprise this year. Julio Teheran has been the Braves' best pitcher, but the team is playing awful right now and just had their butts handed to them in Boston.
  • The Rays over the Red Sox: The Red Sox are flying high after weeks of mediocrity. Xander Bogaerts is playing like he doesn't want Stephen Drew to take his spot. I still hate that move. But anyway, David Price will have a good night and Brandon Workman will not.
  • The Astros over the Orioles: Can you pick against the Astros right now? I don't think so. Yeah, Brett Oberholtzer is 1-6, but he has some talent. And Miguel Gonzalez better be careful to George Springer.
  • The White Sox over the Padres: The White Sox are another team playing well right now. The Padres will be a long, long way from home. John Danks has actually won a few games, which is surprising to me. Ian Kennedy is someone I used to know...
  • The Cardinals over the Giants: What a pitching match up! Madison Bumgarner versus Adam Wainwright! Gosh, I would pay double to be there to see that. I am giving Wainwright the nod at home. He just better finish what he starts because that bullpen has been shaky as all get out.
  • The Reds over the Diamondbacks: I just don't like to pick Bronson Arroyo pitching in Arizona. His mistakes will fly all over the place there in the hot air. Mike Leake has a better chance of winning, I think.
  • The Angels over the Athletics: The Angels need to make the most of this series to have any chance in the AL West. They have the right pitcher on the mound in Garrett Richards but will have to battle Drew Pomeranz who has been pitching well. Oakland is a tough place to play.
  • The Mariners over the Tigers: Remember when Justin Verlander was a lock? Not anymore. He should be better against the weak-hitting Mariners, but he faces Hisashi Iwakuma who is really tough at home.
  • The Pirates over the Dodgers: Here is my reasoning here. First, Francisco Liriano has not won a game this year. He is due and having a big park like Dodgers Stadium should help. Secondly, I cannot remember the last time a pitcher who has thrown a no-hitter had a very good game his next time out. Can you? Josh Beckett is the next one.
And the Game of the Day (oh brother):
  • The Brewers over the Cubs: The Cubs' offense has shut down again and it doesn't matter how well Travis Wood pitches. Marco Estrada will benefit and the Brewers win at home.
Yesterday: 4-6, May: 207-189, Games of the Day: 25-30, Season: 440-361

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forged said...

Aiding your Indians pick over the Rockies, there is always, of course the Rockies are on the road warning label to their offense as well.

Btw, as much as you are annoyed at your record in May with games predicted, you are above .500, so it could be worse. :)

As far J.A. Happ goes, it sort of reminds me of the career renascence that Clemens had when he went from Boston to Toronto.