Sunday, August 08, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: August 9, 2010

Sunday was a very successful day. Only three picks were incorrect (there was one rain out). The one pick wasn't really fair because Burnett was supposed to start for the Yankees but he was scratched on game day with a back spasm. Moseley took his place and pitched far better than Burnett would have. The other two incorrect picks were Kansas City, which lost a squeaker to Seattle, and the Pirates, which was your basic stupid pick.

The Fan had to laugh at an anonymous comment from yesterday. In justifying that stupid pick for the Pirates, the Fan figured that Maholm at least had some experience where his opponent did not. The comment found that pick less than impressive after Maholm had given up six runs in the first two innings. Oh well.

Monday features only nine games as twelve teams get the day off:

- The Cardinals over the Reds: Just can't see the Reds with Leake beating Carpenter.
- The Red Sox over the Yankees: The Yankees will probably rest some of their regulars after taking two of the first three games in this series. Lester out pitches Hughes.
- The Braves over the Astros: Mike Minor, the Braves first round pick in the 2009 draft from Vanderbilt makes his major league debut against Houston. It should be fun.
- The Orioles over the White Sox: Matusz over Jackson. Why the heck not?
- The Angels over the Royals: Santana should have no problem with the Royals and O'Sullivan.
- The Giants over the Cubs: Bumgarner should get the win as Zambrano probably doesn't have the arm strength to last long.
- The Mariners over the Athletics: Fister out lasts Mazzaro in a low scoring game.

And the Game of the Day

- The Bay Rays over the Tigers: Price shuts down the Tigers youngsters while the Rays jump on Galarraga.

Yesterday: 11-3
Week: 11-3
Month: 60-50
Season: 951-700
Games of the Day: 60-49

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