Friday, August 27, 2010

Girardi is Not Going Anywhere

Leave it to the New York and Chicago media to blow up a story that isn't even a story. As the excellent blog, Sliding Into Home relates, Joe Girardi is going to talk to the Chicago media but you can predict what he is going to say, "There is no story." His first responsibility is to the Yankees and the Yankees are not going to lose him to the Cubs. For crying out loud, he's the reigning World Series Championship manager.

Of course the story appears because Girardi doesn't have a deal worked out for next year. But he will. As the linked post mentions, Girardi has a good relationship with the Steinbrenners and will get his paycheck after the season. Ryne Sandberg is going to be the next Cubs' manager and Girardi will be back in pinstripes next year.

Personally, the Fan thinks there are better field managers during the game than Girardi. He makes some moves that make little sense from time to time. But he has two things going for him. First, he is the first to admit when he screws up. Second, his players really like him. Mark Teixeira has been in print as saying that Girardi is the best manager he's played for...and remember, Teixeira played for Bobby Cox.

This story isn't a story and should die a quick and putrid death.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I actually thought the Cubs should have hired Girardi instead of Lou, but what do I know... You're right, though. He's not going anywhere.