Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Picks - Sunday: September 26, 2010

What a relief! Nine correct picks out of fifteen is nothing to write home to mother about, but it was sure good to get back on the plus side of things after three horrendous days. This picker also snapped a four game losing streak on Game of the Day picks. Still, the week ended up at 47-48, which the Fan believes is only the second week all season that this picker was under .500 for a week. One more win would have erased that. But the Fan will take what he can get. If the Fan does say so himself, the Mets and Padres picks were brilliant.

And so we start the last week of the regular season. How sad is that? After day after day of picking and watching and stalking the stats, the season will soon be reduced to just eight teams playing for all the marbles. But first, let's just look at Sunday's picks:

  • The Astros over the Pirates: The Fan doesn't know what to do with this series anymore. The picks for the entire series have been wrong. But Happ should beat Maholm. What the heck.
  • The Indians over the Royals: Another series the Fan can't buy a win in. And it's a Chen versus Carmona rematch won by Chen last time. But the Indians are home this time, so we'll go with them.
  • The Phillies over the Mets: Hamels will probably be given a short leash as the Phillies ready for the playoffs, but his six innings should get the job done over Misch.
  • The Twins over the Tigers: Just what the Twins needed on Saturday was to have to go thirteen innings to eventually lose to the Tigers. That's a great way to get ready for the post season. Pavano was pounded too. Going with Duensing who wants to start in the playoffs over Porcello.
  • The Braves over the Nationals: The Braves are forced to pitch Beachy again and pitching Beachy isn't peachy. Just had to say that. Livan has hit a wall though for the Nats.
  • The Blue Jays over the Orioles: The Blue Jays are not a good match up for Matusz as they have so much right-handed hitting power to throw at him. Marcum wins.
  • The Marlins over the Brewers: Mendez has looked great in his two starts for the Marlins. Capuano is still a nice story, but the Marlins will get to him.
  • The Cardinals over the Cubs: Westbrook should be better than Samardzja (had to look that name up four times to get it right).
  • The Angels over the White Sox: Weaver cements his great season with a win over a young guy.
  • The Giants over the Rockies: Cain should out pitch De La Rosa, but after Saturday night, who knows what else Tulo has up his sleeve.
  • The Athletics over the Rangers: The Rangers will have a hangover and Cahill wins his 18th.
  • The Padres over the Reds: Homer Bailey versus Richard. Richard was the man his last time out. The Reds are just playing out the string.
  • The Red Sox over the Yankees: Even Dice-K can beat Moseley.
  • The Dodgers over the Diamondbacks: Billingsley with a nervous nod over Saunders.

And the Game of the Day:

  • The Bay Rays over the Mariners: If this series went 100 games, the Rays would go 100-0.

Yesterday: 9-6
Last Week: 47-48
Month: 179-158
Season: 1296-979
Games of the Day: 82-74

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