Thursday, November 04, 2010

Edwin Rodriguez Retained by the Marlins

Ha! This Fan just loves being right. The Marlins decided to save on the budget (big surprise there, eh?) and retained manager Edwin Rodriguez for the year as their manager. A post here a while back predicted that the Marlins would wait out their current situation until they get in their new ballpark and would retain Rodriguez because he is cost effective. And make no mistake about it, this is a financial and business decision and not a baseball decision.

The thing is, it may work out anyway. This Fan has no disrespect for Rodriguez. He seems like a class act and his players like him. Of course, there was that little problem of leading off Hanley Ramirez for a month and playing Bonifacio far too often down the stretch, but still, he seems like a good guy. But that isn't why it may just work out.

It may work out because the Marlins have quietly been putting more and more talent on the field. Mike Stanton is going to be a monster. Logan Morrison could be a talented and consistent bat. Gaby Sanchez is competent in a Mark Grace kind of way. Coghlin should be back and don't be surprised if Hanley Ramirez doesn't come back and have a monster season.

Say all you want about Hanley Ramirez, but how many of us know how hampered he was in 2010 because of lingering leg issues? Sure, some of his issue is a lack of maturity, but he was immature when he had a monster season in 2009. This observer really feels that his sub par season in 2010 was more about injury than it was about anything else. It said a lot to this Fan that the first call Rodriguez got after the announcement was from Hanley Ramirez who told Rodriguez that both were going to have a great season. Book it.

The Fish will have to figure out their bullpen and will have to decide if Uggla is going to get some money (and hopefully where he should play). But despite Loria's going on the cheap with his manager, this all could work out nicely and this Fan wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Marlins were right in contention in the NL East in 2011


Anonymous said...

Unlike this year where I spent the summer in Jersey, will most likely spend next summer in Florida. Perhaps when you visit your Mom in Fla we can arrange to catch a game either in Miami or Tampa.

bobook said...

That was me, by the way...

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

I knew that. And yes, that would be fun.