Monday, November 01, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: November 1, 2010

November baseball. Yuck. It still doesn't sound right. Yankee fans may be gloating that the WS ratings are way down because they aren't playing, but it doesn't help when the WS has to go head to head with football. It also doesn't help when those of us in the northern half of the country are all bundled up and freezing. All we can think about is the oil bill, never mind the World Series.

But, that was quite a game Bumgarner threw at the Rangers last night. Totally wasn't expecting that. The Fan did expect Hunter to finish early, which did happen. But it was figured that Bumgarner would finish early too and give up a few runs. He most certainly did neither.

Tonight we have a rematch of Lee versus Lincecum. There really are only three outcomes. 1. Lee pitches brilliantly and the Rangers scratch out a run or two off of Lincecum. 2. Lincecum pitches brilliantly and the Giants scratch out a couple of runs off of Lee or, finally, 3. Both pitchers pitch brilliantly and it becomes a bullpen game. The first favors the Rangers, the latter two favors the Giants. So, two out of three should send the pick to the Giants. The Fan's pick?

- The Rangers over the Giants: This is what the Rangers got Lee for. They are home. They are desperate. The Series is going back to the Bay.

Month: 43-34
Season: 1379-1049

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bobook said...

No gloat from this Yankee fan. Ratings would be better if the Yanks were playing, no question. Ratings would be better, also, if baseball, for the last 30+ years, had put World Series games on when kids could watch. They reap what they sowed.