Monday, November 01, 2010

Game Picks - Finale!

It's over! It turns out there was only one game to be played in November and the Giants won it. Congratulations, San Fran Fans! And congratulations to the Rangers who had a great season.

It seemed fitting that the Fan's final pick was incorrect. Nobody gave the Giants enough credit and they showed us all wrong. What an amazing team they turned out to be.

So now that it's over, the Fan can put this blog feature to bed for the winter and resurrect it when the baseball season starts anew in the spring. It's kind of sad, really. The Fifth Dimension song comes to mind with the lyrics slightly altered:

One less game to ponder
One less pick to try.
One less man to stick up for
and all I do is...cry.

It's been fun, folks. But the horizontally challenged lady has sung at last.

Final Season Tally: 1379-1050 56.8%

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bobook said...

Congrats to both the Giants and you, Bill, for terrific seasons. Enjoyed your daily missives and look forward to spring training. Until then!