Thursday, November 04, 2010

Twins Like Continuity

Yesterday, the Fan posted on how Mike Scioscia and the Angels keep churning out managerial proteges that end up having success on other teams. It is sort of a present day situation much like Earl Weaver proteges of the past. Perhaps the Red Sox will join that situation as the great Terry Francona has lost a coach to lead the Blue Jays. After posting those thoughts, one of the Fan's favorite commenters (which is probably not a real word) asked why the Twins don't have the same brain drain. It was an excellent question.

Ron Gardenhire has had the same coaching staff for his entire tenure as manager of the Twins. It is truly a remarkable run. Gardy himself succeeded the legendary Tom Kelly. Gardenhire was Kelly's third base coach. And yet, few outside of Minnesota would even know who the Twins' coaches are. They are: Nick Anderson (pitching coach), Joe Vavra (hitting coach), Jerry White (first base coach), Scott Ullger (third base coach), Steve Liddle (bench coach) and Rick Stelmaszek (bullpen coach). Not exactly household names, eh? Only Jerry White had a lengthy playing career and he is the only one of the group without some managing experience in either the minors or in college. The Fan can remember when Gardenhire got the managing job and thought at the time, "Who?" It's no different today.

To this observer, it appears that the Twins value continuity above all else. They are famous for having a solid and consistent value set that is set in place all through their system including the minor leagues. Their instruction and mindset as an organization is legendary. And that seems to be modeled at the major league level. The Fan would also assume that the Twins reward their instructors and their coaches well enough to keep them happy in their places. Plus, they probably build a team mentality above all else and that kind of loyalty is hard to leave when a family is built that all moves together.

No, the Twins are not like the Angels or the Patriots in the NFL who do a fantastic job of turning over their coaching staff regularly and bring in equally competent people. The Twins are all about doing things the Twins way and who can argue with their success. The only knock on the Twins is that they haven't taken their success to the next level to win a championship.

Thanks for the comment, my friend, and it is hoped this somewhat answers your question.

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bobook said...

You're right-- not exactly household names at least not in my household. Interesting how other organizations are raided but this one, one of the most successful over the last decade, is not. Wonder if their lack of MLB experience and subsequent 'anonymity' is a deterrent for other teams or if it's simply that they're loyal and well-enough paid. I never even hear of their names in interview processes so I'm tempted to think they are completely out of the potential hire loop. Anyway, once again thanks again for your insight and conversation.