Friday, November 05, 2010

Lesson Learned: Don't Be Good in the World Series

sAs the Fan predicted right after the World Series, the Giants declined to pick up the option of Edgar Renteria. In that previous post, Renteria's lack of production the last two years cost the Giants about $16 million of value (he made $18 million and was worth about $2 million). So despite Bruce Bochy's emotional tribute to Renteria being a leader and a great man to be next to in the clubhouse and dugout, the Giants effectively have shown that they don't want Renteria any more. At least not at that price.

Renteria now has something in common with Hideki Matsui. Matsui, you'll remember, was 2009's World Series MVP after single-handedly destroying the Phillies to end that series. A few days later, Brian Cashman cut ties with the DH/LF from Japan. And now a year later, Renteria (often called, "Rent-a-rear" in this Fan's house), the 2010 World Series MVP has felt the same fate. There are no tears in baseball. There is no sentiment. If anyone forgets that baseball is a business, these last two years should cure you of that for life.

So let's peak into 2011's crystal ball. Who will it be next year? The Fan already sees the answer. David Ortiz will have a so-so campaign for the Red Sox but then the Red Sox get to the World Series. David Ortiz hits two homers and a double and drives in six runs in the World Series. A few days later, Epstein will announce that the Red Sox have no interest in David Ortiz for 2012. Book it.

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