Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Generally Terrific

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance features some great writers around the country and in fact, around the world. It is a pleasure each week to allow them to select their favorite posts from the week here on Thursday's weekly link post. One note, please. This writer hasn't figured out how to make the links open up in new tabs or windows, so please right-click the link and choose new tab so you don't lose this original post.

Our friends overseas at Dugout 24 offer this post questioning the heritage of Ichiro Suzuki. Please note that you'll need to translate this one and that there is language that might be considered R-rated.

Bryan over that the Replacement Level Baseball Blog really appreciates catchers and how they can influence a game.

Daniel over that the Ball Caps Blog has an interesting take on the MVP. Buster Posey is this year's winner. You'll have to read it to see what he means.

MLB Dirt features a post by Jonathan Mitchell on Javier Vazquez's new approach to pitching. Whatever it is, it's working.

Theo doesn't think that Ian Kennedy is the ace of the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitching staff now or in the future. Find out why here at Hot Corner Harbor.

Eric over at The Baseball Hall of Shame makes us queasy by letting us know that the Cubs' play this season isn't the only thing that might make you sick at Wrigley Field.

We follow the Hall of Shame with the Hall of Very Good where we are informed that Howard Johnson sees this season's Mets as the antithesis of the '86 Mets. He's got that right.

In probably this reader's favorite post of the week from a week of great posts, Through the Fence Baseball gives us a post by Dan Taylor, minor league pitcher.

In perhaps this week's most amusing post, Old Time Family Baseball gives us a whimsical look at what could be Justin Verlander's daily planner.

Kenn Olson of Going Yard (over at MLB BlogBuzz) fame thinks it's time that T-Plush zips the lip.

Miguel Montero's hitting streak couldn't go on forever. How long did it go? Ronnie over at The Baseblawg fills us in.

Blaine Blontz over at Call to the Pen caps off Mariano Rivera's ridiculous career.

Diamond Hoggers, fresh from marital bliss tries to get back into the swing of things. Don't worry, married blogging is just as easy as single blogging.

MLB Reports has a fantastic interview with Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. A must read.

In a post at Left Field, Charles Simone ponders the Yankees' post season rotation. It's enough to give one a headache.

Each week, this link fest feature will try to feature one BBA site in rotation until we cover them all. It's a great line up of sites.

Featured BBA General Blog of the Week: The Golden Sombrero has some of the most clever ideas in baseball sites. A golden sombrero is the term used when a batter strikes out four times in the same game. The Golden Sombrero features each and every one of those events. Another clever feature there is the MLB Look-Alikes that gives us pictorial evidence of how our favorite players look like other famous people. Much fun! The site also features great writing on general baseball topics. Stop by the Golden Sombrero every day, particularly for this week's featured link on a rare platinum sombrero (five strikeouts in a game). Find out who is wearing the funny hat.

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