Thursday, October 27, 2011

BBA Link Fest - Speaking in General

Thursday in the FanDome, we feature links from around the globe from members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance General Chapter. As the president of this wonderful chapter of generalists, it is both a pleasure and important to bring these terrific writers to your attention. So sit back, grab a cold beverage and enjoy some baseball links.

Over at 85% Sports, this writer loved how they round tabled their selections for the BBA's Stan Musial Award. Loved it.

Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball sang an old song for the new/old partnership of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer. Plus one sad comment from a Padres' fan.

The ever entertaining Ball Caps Blog laments a dreary night in Chicago while neighbors to the south enjoy World Series baseball.

Baseball Franchise Rankings is a neat site and this writer especially liked their recap of how 100-win teams fared in the post season.

The Baseball Hall of Shame as usual put their unique spin on the recent settlement of the McCourt divorce settlement. Now shame is the perfect word for that situation.

Robbie Clark over at her BaseBlawg site reported on a recent candidate for the Angels' GM position. This candidate is important to Clark as should be.

The terrific Blaine Blontz reports on the C.C. Sabathia saga for the Yankees over at his Call to the Pen site.

Our writer in Italy, Mario Salvini, wondered about Dirk Nowitzki's pants when that basketball player threw out the first pitch in a recent World Series game. Check out the Che Palle post.

Matt Whitener, one of our newest writers (and he's terrific), exults and points fingers at baseball's resurgence with this post season over at Cheap. Seats. Please.

If you are like this Fan and don't know who the heck this Ben Cherington is, Taylor over at Crack of the Bat helps us out.

Mevs over at Diamond Hoggers fills us in on the new award Ken Griffey Jr. just received.

Dugout 24 has a great article on the debate of baseball and technology. Very interesting read.

MC over at For Baseball Junkies gives a rousing argument on why a pitcher should have won the BBA Stan Musial Award.

The Baseball Index gives a good argument as to why the Boston Red Sox should consider Marco Scutaro as their 2012 shortstop. Hard to argue.

The ever creative Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero gives us the best offensive World Series Game Six performances of all time. Fun!

The General Chapter has picked up some great new members in the past couple of months. Grubby Glove is one of them and you'll enjoy this rhapsody about the 2011 World Series.

There was so much good stuff to consider over at The Hall of Very Good that it was hard to pick just one. But this funny post about Mr. Holland's mustache is a good one!

Theo over at Hot Corner Harbor riffs off of a The Platoon Advantage post about where the Cardinals would rank this year on a certain World Series winners list.

Speaking of The Platoon Advantage, here is Bill's post on that special World Series winners list.

Has the Fan told you how much he likes Left Field? Not only is it a great baseball site with superb writing but it also has great writing about other topics in life (and yes, there is more to life than baseball). As an example, check out this post on what life would be like if we already had instant replay.

Ryan Smith has a unique take on Theo Epstein's first day of the Epstein era over at Major League A-holes.

Jonathan Mitchell understands bargain hunting. The must be part of why he covers the Bay Rays for DRaysBay. But on his own site, MLB Dirt, Jonathan gives us one juicy item for bargain shoppers.

There's always a ton of great content at MLB Reports. This writer particularly enjoys the offbeat stuff like this piece here.

Chris Pappas is very happy the World Series is headed for a sixth game over at his NumberOneBaseball site.

MTD has a post over at Off Base Percentage that tells us that a porn star likes baseball. Now that's a link for you.

Old Time Family Baseball gives us a terrific chart of how pitchers have fared in the playoffs with three days rest. Great stuff!

ProSportsWrap gives us a historical profile of MLB Network's television personality, Harold Reynolds.

J-Doug keeps us updated daily on the latest World Series projections over at Rational Pastime. It's become a must go to destination for this writer.

The Fan was tempted to link to Replacement Level Baseball Blog's kudos to us General Chapter voters on our Stan Musial picks (thank you, thank you), but this post was too good for you to miss.

The Sports Bantor talks about betting and it seems the writer is very good at it. Perhaps his "hedge" will help you if you are of similar interests.

Sully is an expert in communication. Perhaps you have checked out his videos to see what the Fan means. Being such an expert, Sully is baffled by what happened in the World Series over at Sully Baseball.

Dan Kirby over at Through the Fence Baseball gives us a fascinating look at eight prospects who could break into the majors before their 20th birthday.

Peter Costa proves to us that he is not a fantasy baseball expert in an entertaining piece over at X-Log: The Rise of Excellence.

And now this Fan has a treat for you. Two links from our two newest members! Welcome aboard!

Ryan Sendek's site is Analysis Around the Horn and if this piece is any indication for what we are in for, welcome aboard indeed!

Christopher Carelli has a new blog called The Baseball Stance and he's terrific. Again, if this post is any indication of what's to come, he'll have plenty of momentum.

Happy reading everyone! And thanks as always for your support.


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Thanks for the link!

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Thanks for the link and welcome note. Glad to be a part of the alliance.