Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Picks - Friday: October 28, 2011

Would it be any wonder that this picker, like millions of other baseball fans in the world, woke up groggy and stunned this morning? Last night was easily the most amazing post season game ever witnessed by this old fogey of a game picker. Truly amazing. Yes, the pick for yesterday was incorrect. But heck, it looked correct on three different occasions. Except it wasn't. Ever. And it wasn't going to BE correct. Ever. The Cardinals made sure of that. Amazing. What other adjective is there?

So we go to a Game Seven, which for a World Series lately, is news enough. Will the game be anticlimactic? Will it be like the 1986 World Series Game Seven after the Mets stunned the Boston Red Sox in that Game Six?  Or can the Rangers find some way to regroup and pull a victory out. After all, they haven't lost back to back games since...when?...August? Oh yes, that's the picker's job today. Who is going to win this last game of the 2011 season? 

  • The Cardinals over the Rangers: There's just no way the Rangers can recover from Game Six. They have to be shell-shocked. Matt Harrison is already 0-1 in this World Series. Chris Carpenter seems to be born for this moment in time. The Cardinals refuse to go into the night and refuse to give up. The Cardinals will go up early, Carpenter will pitch with wild abandon and the fans in St. Louis will go absolutely out of their minds. That 1986 Game Seven simply sticks too much in this picker's mind. The Red Sox couldn't recover and neither will these Rangers.

Yesterday: 0-1
Week: 2-1
Month: 22-14
Season: 1385-1078

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Stevo-sama said...

I whole heartedly agree, shell-shocked is the best way to describe the Rangers at this moment...just like the rest of us. I too, am feeling completely hung over this morning, and I didn't even drink enough last night to put on a buzz for a high school kid.

You just don't see this kind of mayhem unfold in football, basketball, etc...a clock destroys the drama.