Saturday, October 29, 2011

Game Picks - It's a Wrap for 2011

The Flagrant Fan finished his mission to pick the winners and losers of every game for every day of the Major League Baseball season. Not a day was missed. Not a punch was pulled. And while the math might be off a game or two, this picker picked 2,464 games including the post season and the All Star Game. 

While the accomplishment was self-imposed, finishing the mission feels good nonetheless. It is wished that the results could have been somewhat better. This picker's final tally for the season was 1386-1078 for a success rate of 56.25 percent. That's just a shade under last year's mark of 56.8 percent. Looking back on the season, interleague play really fouled up things. This picker's record in the interleague was terrible. And just think, if the commissioner has his way, there will be interleague games every day of the week once realignment happens. Oh goodie! 

For the record, the All Star Game was picked incorrectly, but the post season went pretty well. The picks were 5-2 for the World Series and 24-14 overall for the post season. And despite Bob Netherton's assertions otherwise, the picks had nothing whatsoever to do with the outcome of the games that were played.

But, anyway, it was fun. Picking games every day will be missed for the winter. But while many were ruing the end of the season, not this Fan of MLB. There is always something to write about and a story to tell. This site will continue to bring you content all winter long. So, see you on Twitter and stop by often during the off season. And thanks as always for your visits.


netherton said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your game picks, and look forward to you doing them again next year. I am also looking forward to your continued writing during the offseason - always a great and enjoyable read.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Thanks, Bob. Much appreciated.