Sunday, October 23, 2011

Game Picks - Sunday: October 23, 2011

Yesterday's pick of a Rangers win in Game Three of the World Series was off by about ten runs. Sure, the Rangers scored the amount of runs this picker thought they would score. But to think that the Rangers would give up that many runs is unthinkable. Hats off to Albert Pujols and the rest of his teammates for a rousing win and a wild ride yesterday. Once again in this post season, starting pitchers couldn't make it to the fifth inning, but this time, the bullpens weren't pretty. Scott Feldman became human, Alexi Ogando became human and the rout was on. The Cardinal bullpen wasn't great either, but then again, they didn't have to be.

Where does Albert Pujols' three-homer, five-hit performance rank up there with all time great games in a World Series? To say top three would be fair. The three-homer game matched the record held by Babe Ruth (three times) and Reggie Jackson (once). Pujols' six RBIs also tied the record for most in a World Series game. Pujols did set a new record for total bases in a WS game though, so that puts his performance above Hideki Matsui's performance in 2009. But Matsui's feat and Reggie Jackson's feat came in the final games of their World Series wins, so they have to get a few more points. But make no mistake about it, Pujols was awesome and certainly gave us history that we'll not soon forget.

The Rangers have to put yesterday's game behind them quickly and their ability to do that has to figure into today's pick. And here it is:

  • The Rangers over the Cardinals: The Rangers have been nothing if not resilient in this post season. Nothing seems to bother them for very long. They are still in their home ballpark. They still have the full backing of their adoring fans and they still have a great team. Of course, it all depends on Derek Holland. Holland is a shut-down capable pitcher, but he's also had his share of clunkers along the way. He's just as capable of throwing a nine inning shutout as he is of getting knocked out by the fourth. For the Rangers to win, it has to be the former and not the latter, especially with the amount of outs his bullpen had to get yesterday. Edwin Jackson has a decent ERA in his years of pitching in Texas (3.24). But he's also come away with a 1-3 record there lifetime. How he performs will also have a big say in how this game progresses. The Rangers do have a problem with Josh Hamilton being injured. He's certainly not the same player and is much less of a threat. But it's not like the Rangers don't have other hitters. The Cardinals need to hope their smashing offense is again evident in Game Four. One thing is for sure, this series sure is entertaining!

Yesterday: 0-1
Last Week: 3-1
Month: 20-13
Season: 1383-1078

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