Thursday, October 27, 2011

Game Picks - Thursday: October 27, 2011

Game Six wasn't played yesterday as MLB decided to cancel the game due to the threat of rain. (Well alrighty then). Since the same starters will go today as were supposed to go yesterday, this picker might as well copy and paste yesterday's post and make it easy. So here's yesterday's post in case you missed it:

Rain. Has any season season in Major League Baseball ever been more affected by rain? So it is only fitting that tonight's Game Six is seriously threatened by the stuff. By the way, kudos to the MLB and Bud Selig for fixing the playoff system. Even if today's game is washed out, the pace of the playoffs has been crisp and exciting with no long drags in the action. And even if we get a wash out today, the series will end before November starts. As much as this writer likes Derek Jeter, the Mr. November thing wasn't cool.

So what if the game is played? Let's all hope it's not a start and stop kind of thing. That bites worse than anything. Better to cancel it altogether if there is a chance for that happening. But if the game goes as scheduled, what will be the results? Here's the prediction:

  • The Rangers over the Cardinals: This picker can't imagine that either of these starters will go beyond four or five innings. Jaime Garcia did throw a fabulous game in his first start of this World Series. But go look at his game log. How many times has he strewn two good games together all season? This picker counts only two such occasions. And Colby Lewis has this semi-reputation as a big game pitcher. But the reality is that he's just sort of ordinary or less than ordinary. If the Rangers were smart, they would put Mike Napoli behind the plate. This has been his series and that's where he should be. Facing the lefty Garcia would be right in his wheel house. If this becomes a battle of the bullpens, you'd have to give the Rangers the edge at this point. They have more weapons including an established closer. However, if Ron Washington continues to walk Albert Pujols in this game, he will get into serious trouble with the softer tosses of Colby Lewis facing Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman. This game is too close to call, really, but the pick here seems to be the Rangers.

Week: 2-0
Month: 22-13
Season: 1385-1078

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