Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blogger, the Fan Loves Ya, but...

For a non-geek, Blogger is the best thing for a writer wannabe than anything out there. It's easy, it's fast and it's reliable. Plus, you get Google's searchability. But there is a weird problem perhaps some of you readers who are fellow bloggers can help the Fan out with.

The Fan figures he might as well make a few cents from this thing and tried to add AdSense to the blog. Well, when you go to set that up, there is a choice if you already have an account or if you don't have an account. Since the Fan has an account and uses other Google products for business, there is no sense in having two accounts.

But if you select that you have an account and then type in your username and password, the screen tells you that someone with that e-mail address already has an account and does not let you continue. Well, duh!

So now the Fan is stuck with this big, honking message on his dashboard that says Adsense has not been verified and the blog will continue without AdSense. Probably a win for readers who get annoyed with sites that have AdSense, but also annoying for this blogger. Oh. And the Fan's picture suddenly doesn't work for no good reason.

This rant is now complete and we can continue with our regularly scheduled sports activities.


Josh Borenstein said...

Huh, that is a conundrum. Don't know what to tell you. Maybe you could get in touch with the people who run AdSense and ask them for their assistance.

William said...

Nice word. I love the word, conundrum. Yeah, contacting them would be the smart thing to do. I just hate the hassle. Thanks, Josh.