Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts After Shoveling a Foot of Snow

The Fan is completely incoherent after shoveling a long driveway after a foot of snow. Since it would seem to be impossible to put two lucid thoughts together, the Fan might as well free-style it and simply write what comes to mind.

First, the Fan is reminded how far he has fallen from his athletic days. Once a young man, full of vigor, the Fan used to laugh at the old men with their giddyup steps when they attempted to quickly cross the road. Now the Fan has the giddyup step and it's not a pretty thing. If ballplayers want to get in shape, come up to northern Maine and shovel. That will do it.

It must be tiring to be a Yankee and to get the inevitable questions all the time. Jeter said it himself in an interview reported by "I knew you were going to ask that question." And: "Every year it's the same questions about the same things." You have to know the "same question" has to be A-Rod right? The Fan wonders what Torre had to say about Gary Sheffield.

The Mariners should bring Junior Griffey back for one last season. How is it going to hurt them? Let him play fifty games and have one last hurrah in his old home. It's not like they are going to contend this year and it would be a nice gift for their fans. Bring the guy home, Seattle.

Similarly, the Mets should bring back Pedro Martinez. Let him make ten starts and see what happens. He'll never be what he used to be, but he's a better pitcher on guile than a lot of others with great stuff.

The Braves should also do the same for Glavine. Why not? The Braves simply aren't good enough to compete this year so what would it hurt to let the fans see the old guy for one more season?

As the Fan's back throbs from the unexpected activity, there must by some sympathy going on for old guys after scatting the last three paragraphs.

Supposedly the Feds have a positive urine test from Barry Bonds. Great. How would you like to be the lowly Fed on the totem pole that gets to carry that little prize around. March. Maybe it will all be over in March. Oh the bliss it will be to have that pass by us.

The Cubs got Aaron Heilman from the Mariners. What is it about contending teams that want to buy gasoline to put out fires? Heilman was atrocious for the Mets last year and almost single-handedly cost them a pennant. The pitcher must lead a charmed life. He racks up a 5.21 ERA last year, his salary goes up and everyone wants him, including a contender.o

Every year the Fan wonders if it's the year the great Mariano Rivera loses his mojo and falls to age. A year ago today, the Fan wondered the same thing and Rivera goes out and posts the best year of all relievers in baseball! Wonder what this year will bring. At least if he falters, the Yanks can push Chamberlain out there and he'll get the job done.

Dear Lord, will January ever end?

There's been no news on the Manny Ramirez front for quite a while. Is the guy going to get signed? Does the quiet mean the posturing is done and some serious negotiations are taking place? The Dodgers really need the guy and fans need to see this guy hit for a few more years.

The Red Sox seems to have a lot of "ifs" this year. If Lowell can come back. If Smoltz has anything left. If Big Papi's wrist is better. If Pedroia is really this good. If J. D. Drew can put together a full season. Seems to be a lot of question marks down there. And two of their best pitchers are playing in the Fan-hated WBC for Japan, which has to be a concern too.

If the Texas Rangers can ever get some pitching, will the team finally break out of their .500 mold? They sure can smash the baseball, but can never seem to get over the pitching bump. With their fans' luck, they will some day lead the league in pitching and the lineup will falter. And so it goes.

Why has the story about the soaking of prospects from the Dominican Republic disappeared? It was a guy from Cleveland that got caught and fired last year right? Was he the only guilty party? Was it an isolated incident? Why are so many of the supposed steroid users from that country? Is it part of a sinister way those players were treated and led to believe it would help them? Why has this story disappeared?

Jim Leyland is a fans kind of guy. He is a no nonsense kind of person that seems to go someplace and turn a team around. But his teams do not seem to stay turned around. Does his magic only work for one or two years? Does he get tired after that? Or is it just circumstances that make it appear that way?

Jon Garland has found a home in Arizona. Now what about Randy Wolf and Ben Sheets? Will Dunn and Abreu ever get a job? This crazy off season continues to astound.

The Fan's well has run dry and the coffee cup is drained. Guess it's time to take a shower and let the old back feel the spray of some much needed warm water. Hope your day is bright and keep your chin up folks. We still live in a wonderful country and it can't be winter...or a recession forever.

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Josh Borenstein said...

I'm just glad to see Ronny Cedeno out of Chicago, even if that means bringing in Vileman.