Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Wonder

Sometimes an idea has to be given a chance even if it means breaking other ideas. For this post, we will dispense with the third person crap...err...device usually employed here to feature a list the FanDome will call: "I Wonder." Who knows, the idea might be bigger crap than the device it replaced (at least for one post).

I wonder if the Yankees will beat the Red Sox this year. This has been a long and storied rivalry and since 2004, the Red Sox have had the best of it. But never to this degree.

I wonder if we will ever have another player who has a surprisingly big year and not hear whispers about steroids. Ibanez and Mauer have raised some really unfair questions with their play.

I wonder if David Ortiz is really done or if this is just a long, long slump.

I wonder if the Nationals really got the best prospect ever or if he will pan out at all. And I wonder if they will be able to sign him.

I wonder if the Rockies hot streak means anything. Were they really this good and just hated their old manager? Can that really happen? Or is this all a big coincidence?

I wonder if Morneau will ever get his due in the Youkilis, Teixeira debate as the best first basemen in the American League.

I wonder if Milton Bradley will end up batting over .250 this year.

I wonder if Joe Torre will now get his due as a manager now that he is succeeding away from the Yankees.

I wonder if any dramatic news will come about from that big steroid bust two weeks ago. The story has gone cold.

I wonder why I have eight followers since starting with Twitter last week. Eyebleaf I can understand because of our shared blogging. But who are these other people and why are they following me?

I wonder when the White Sox will start dismantling. That team is due for an overhaul.

I wonder if the Tigers are really good this year. Their pitching seems so much better than thought at the beginning of the season. And Rodney isn't any picnic as a closer. We'll see.

I wonder if the Orioles' great collection of prospects will start translating into winning. Or do you have to get rid of a few of the old guard to get the ill winds to disperse.

I wonder if the Blue Jays will continue to be a factor in the AL East. It's been an added element to the usual and it's good for their fans. I just wonder about their pitching.

I wonder how long Eric Wedge will have a job in Cleveland. What a disappointing season.

I wonder how long Trey Hillman will have a job in Kansas City. The team can't hit, but they shouldn't be this bad with that pitching. Hillman has been uncanny in his penchant for making the wrong moves with his bullpen.

I wonder if the Yankees will stick with Wang or go with Hughes or neither.

I wonder if John Smoltz will ever pitch for Boston.

I wonder how long the Rangers can stay in contention with Josh Hamilton on the shelf. They have won all year without him, but he's a pretty big hole in their lineup.

I wonder if the Angels will make a run or if this is meant to be an off year and will stay where they are.

I wonder how long the Marlins will stick with Uggla. His batting average now stands at .210.

I wonder how Jay Bruce can be batting .212. Why isn't that talent jelling? Why can't he seem to get going?

I wonder if Mike Hampton or Nick Johnson will win Comeback Player of the Year.

I wonder if Dmitri Young is done as a player. Washington is carrying him on the roster, but he is nowhere in sight.

I wonder how long Tony LaRussa will stay with the Cardinals. Nobody seems to be having fun over there.

I wonder when Alex Rodriguez will get hot or get back in the headlines. He's been quiet and so have the headlines been.

I wonder if the Phillies or the Mets will end up on top. The Mets seem to have a different feel to them this year.

I wonder if we'll see a no-hitter this year. None so far and we seem due.

I wonder if Pedro Martinez will make an appearance this year. It seems more and more unlikely.

I wonder what will happen with Billy Wagner comes back from his elbow surgery. Will the Mets trade him? Use him as a setup man, what?

I wonder when the next big trade will happen. We need one to make things interesting.

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bobook said...

Enjoyed your wonderment.
I wonder if the Red Sox can beat the Yankees all 18 and still finish in second place.
And, by the way, there is a high pressure system over West Palm Beach and the sun is hot!