Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Brewers' Walk Off Celebration

There is much to do going on about the Brewers' celebration the other day after Prince Fielder hit a walk off homer in the 12th inning against the Giants. In what had to be a planned celebration, Fielder jumped on home plate (much like everyone is doing now) and all of his teammates (including old guys like Jason Kendell and Trevor Hoffman) fell down from the shock wave. Guys around baseball such as Torii Hunter and others have condemned the display as did the guys on MLB-TV's highlight show. This Fan's opinion is that Hunter and others should just lighten up a bit.

For Pete's sake, why is there always such a conservative backlash against entertaining celebrations? Owens in football has more fines and penalties from celebrations in the end zone than he has teams played for. It's fun, for crying out loud. Look, if it shows up the other team, the other team can take care of business the next time the teams meet.

And why should it show up the other team? They lost, right? The loss is already being showed up, isn't it? The Brewers have had a disappointing season. Picked to contend, they have fallen in the standings and south of the .500 mark. Yet their fans have continued to show up in nice fat numbers. Why not give them a thrill? Why is it bad for them to be entertained? Why is it a crime for the Brewers to express themselves in a silly and fun way? The game was over. The Fan can see it being a problem if the game wasn't over. But it was over. And it was over in dramatic fashion. They were happy. It was team building. It was fun.

The Fan is tired of people who take life way too seriously. We only pass this way once folks (unless the far eastern religions are right). Why not have a little fun and just smile when other people have fun. It's just a stinking game.


Josh Borenstein said...

Personally, I loved it. I laughed out loud when I first saw it. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

The question is, would they pull that crap off if that was game 2 of the series, or if they had another series against the Giants after that? No shot. Classless move because they knew they wouldn't have to play the Giants again until next.

Prince Fielder better borrow David Wright's Great Gazoo helmet in the spring because he's going to get his earhole worn out when he steps into the box.

eyebleaf said...

Loved it. They're playing a game. It should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Well I can no longer watch NFL games because of the rediculous dances of celebration after every tackle, caught pass, or touchdown. I've always respected baseball players for staying away from such theatrics for the most part--for whatever reason. These players are being payed millions of dollars a year to hit, field and pitch. When they do what they are paid to do, I don't need to see NFL-like celebrations after every play. If Selig won't do anything about this, I vote for the allways-effective fastball in the ear approach.

William said...

So if I read this correctly, Tiger Woods should never make a fist pump after a great putt, Dick Weber Jr. shouldn't react when he throws a triple in the tenth to beat his guy and a NASCAR racer shouldn't do "burns" on the track after finishing first at the checkered flag. They are all professionals paid to putt, strike and race faster than anyone else. But they all DO react because it is exciting when you succeed.