Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hit Leaders For All Teams

A comment was made on a previous post on how amazing it is that no Yankee has ever had 3000 hits. But the Yankees aren't the only old franchise where that is the case. Fortunately, another blogger saved us all the trouble of finding out the leaders for all teams. Here is the link. Some interesting stuff here.

Let's forget about teams that are fairly recent in origin like the Diamondbacks, Marlins, Bay Rays, Rockies and others. And there are also those that were in the previous round of expansion teams like the Angels and the Padres. But the Padres have Gwynn and the Brewers have Yount and the Royals have Brett, so the Angels should have a guy with 3000 hits, but they don't. Garrett Anderson leads them with 2368. The Mets get special attention as their leader is Ed Kranepool, one of their first players. He had all of 1418 hits. Apparently, Mets' players don't stick around very long.

But those old teams? The Phillies? They have been around since the 1800's. They peak at 2234 (Mike Schmidt). The White Sox? They peak at 2749 (Luke Appling). The Cubs' leader is Ernie Banks with 2583. The Indians' leader, Nap Lajoie had 2046 with Cleveland. Minnesota, which used to be the Washington Senators, came close. Sam Rice had 2889.

So it appears that the Yankees never having a 3000 hit guy isn't that unusual. Their big stars walked a lot. A LOT. That reduced the number of hits they could get in a year and a career. That explains their situation. But those other old teams? Now those are probably examples of teams that just didn't keep guys around for that long. Ever.

It is an interesting list. And this Fan is sure glad that LoHud posted such a fun bit of information

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