Monday, April 05, 2010

Game Picks - Monday: March 5, 2010

This game picker already has one win under his belt after the sloppy Yankees squandered a big lead against the Red Sox in the season opener. Today, everyone else gets to start the season and the Fan gets the first-time fun of diving into a full slate of games. Yow!

  • The Phillies over the Nationals - Should be an easy pick here. Halladay starts
  • The Marlins over the Mets - Still can't believe how fast Santana is back from elbow surgery.
  • The Cardinals over the Reds - Carpenter for the Cards versus Harang, who really has looked awful all spring.
  • The Pirates over the Dodgers - Okay, Padilla, convince the Fan that he's wrong. He dares you.
  • The White Sox over the Indians - The Fan believes the White Sox have slipped and the Indians have improved but for this game can't put his money where his mouth is.
  • The Rangers over the Blue Jays - The beginning of a new era in the AL West?
  • The Rockies over the Brewers - Have more faith in Ubaldo than in Gallardo.
  • The Braves over the Cubs - Lowe versus Zambrano in Atlanta.
  • The Royals over the Tigers - Have to go with Greinke.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Padres - Have to believe that Haran is better than Garland.
  • The Giants over the Astros - Lincecum versus a punchless lineup in Houston.
  • The Mariners over the A's - King Felix over the equally punchless A's.
  • The Angels over the Twins - Jared Weaver looked great in his last couple of spring outings.

Yesterday - 1-0
Week - 1-0
Month - 1-0

Have fun on opening day!

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bobook said...

Will take the Marlins (+190) and JJ v. Santana and the Mets.