Thursday, April 08, 2010

Vernon Wells is Back

The Fan's blog buddy in Toronto pulls no punches and is totally unapologetic for his love for the home teams in that city. It's a lot of fun to read every day from a guy who not only writes well, but wears his team colors right out there on his sleeves. At the same time, eyebleaf (that's the guy that writes the blog) doesn't have rose colored glasses. He calls them as he sees them. One of the true lightening rods of that combination of fandom and honesty is Vernon Wells. In what has to be the funniest thing on any baseball blog, there is a full time meter that rates where Wells is on the "Hatred Advisory System." Hilarious. But through it all, good old (but young) eyeb believes in Vernon Wells.

He isn't the only one. Wednesday's post on eyebleaf's Sports and the City showed the amazing split that Vernon Wells seems to have on even and odd years. In the odd years, he stinks. In the even years, he's either very good or he's great. This--if you hadn't noticed--is an even year.

But one really didn't have to know that this would be a bounce back year for Wells by knowing that weird historical split. You could just tell by the way Wells hit in Spring Training and the swagger that was back in his walk that Wells felt good about himself and was poised for a very good year. And of course we've just started the season, but Wells is off to a flying start. He had a good first game and on Wednesday, he took his team on his back and hit two homers to give the Blue Jays their first win of the season.

Mark it down. Vernon Wells is going to finish with an OPS over .850 this year. Forget about the money he is making. That's water under the bridge. Just watch him hit. It's going to be a nice year for the man eyebleaf calls, "V-dub."

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eyebleaf said...

Thanks for the link, William. Glad you're enjoying the "Hatred Advisory System."