Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tripping Through The Transactions

It's been a while since we tripped through the transaction wire in our own unique (and some say childish) way. But heck, life's about having fun and making the most of every day. So part of the Fan's fun is being silly. You can either come along for the ride or go on to more intelligent things. There will be no offense taken.

Here goes...

  • The Tigers lost Carlos Guillen (rhymes with, Again) and thought it was their Boesch bet to call up Brennan. He went 2 for 4 his first game up.
  • The Royals' Cruz took it on the Chen as Juan was released in favor of Bruce.
  • Since Manny will be on his fanny for 15 days, the Dodgers interrupted Xavier Paul's schooling in Albuquerque to take Manny's place.
  • An injury kicked Punto to the curb for fifteen days as he is Nicked up. He'll won't lose any hits during that span.
  • A roster move by the Oakland A's meant that Powell, the catcher, will Landon in Sacramento.
  • The Pirates' Argenis Diaz asked his manager why he was being sent down and the manager said, "Jakubauskas I said so."
  • The Bay Rays' Ben was the Zobrist member of his household after they learned about his lucrative extension.
  • The Rangers hope that where there's Smoak there's fire when they called up Justin. That solves the Chris Davis problem but now what about Murphy who is hitting .125 after a golden sombrero last night?
  • The Blue Jays gave Cecil a new beanie when he was called up.
  • The Phillies' pitcher has had Happier times than when J. A. had to go on the DL.
  • Angels' prospect, Cole, was a dizzy Gillespe when he learned he'd been called up.
  • The Fan thought it was a Pie in the sky when Felix was off to such a hot start. Now he's on the 60 day DL.
  • Pedro was sad when the Reds put him on waivers, but his Fairy Godmother said, "Viola" when she waved her magic wand and the Orioles signed him.
  • Ronald Belisario was activated by the Dodgers so he can pitch when he isn't making TV shows.
  • The Fan doesn't know how it happened, but Downs was up when the Giants promoted Matt.
  • And finally, when the Mets called up Ike Davis, they told Toby Stoner to straighten himself out in Buffalo.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Anthony K. said...

I have nothing clever to say about this post, but, it made me a laugh a little ;)

William said...

Well, thanks, Anthony...I think. :)

Josh Borenstein said...

My favorite:

An injury kicked Punto to the curb for fifteen days as he is Nicked up.