Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Fan hasn't felt this way since forty years ago when our Jersey school went on a field trip to the middle of the woods to identify plant life and diarrhea occurred. See, this is what happened. Every day the Fan goes to to pick the games for the day and then share those picks with this space's readers. So...that's what the Fan did this morning and that site said there were only three games scheduled. After clicking on the link, the only three games that appeared were three hockey games. No baseball games were listed. The Fan didn't perform "due diligence" and just accepted that there were no games scheduled...thus no picks.

So imagine this writer's surprise when flipping over to and seeing a bunch of games in progress. The look on this writer's face must have been the same when Rob realized that Coach didn't vote for Russell like he was supposed to. Oops, not only does the Fan have egg on his face, but now has admitted his Survivor obsession. Ouch.

Anyway, tremendous apologies and..umm...from now on, the Fan will make double sure of his ducks in the pond. [sigh].

The Fan might also take a moment to respond to Kryss (like that name by the way) who was disappointed that the Fan wouldn't pick one game he was really sure about each day. The lame response here is that the picks themselves give a good indication of which game picks feel pretty sure and which games appear to be a crap shoot. But since the Fan is already wearing an egg bouquet so-to-speak, he might as well continue in that vain. Each day's picks will now also feature one pick of the day that will be the featured pick. Along with the rest of each day's results, the Fan will keep track of these special bonus picks. God help this poor soul...

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