Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Game Picks - Wednesday: September 8, 2010

September has been a tough month so far. The Braves have gone cold. The AL East teams are milling around. The Cardinals can't seem to win consistently. The Reds aren't winning consistently. The Padres lose ten in a row and then win two in a row. It's been tough to grasp. It's no wonder why yesterday was just one game over .500 and the weekly and monthly totals are right around the .500 mark. The Game of the Day feature really requires clear cut winners and lately there haven't been any. The Orioles beat the Yankees the Pirates beat the Braves. Things are upside down.

Here are Wednesday's picks:

  • The Mets over the Nationals: Dickey over a fading Livan. Ike has been hot for the Mets.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: Still can't the mind around the Orioles sweeping the Yankees. Nova over Bergesen.
  • The Phillies over the Marlins: The Phillies will win the NL East [*sigh*]   Hamels over Miller.
  • The White Sox over the Indians: Danks should win easily over Bonderman.
  • The Pirates over the Braves: Lowe has a sore something or other and has been terrible lately. Zach Duke gets the win.
  • The Indians over the Angels: Yesterday it was Masterson. Today it will be Tomlin. Sleep tight, Angels.
  • The Astros over the Cubs: Brett Myers gets the win over Wells. Houston is playing really well.
  • The Rangers over the Blue Jays: Even without Hamilton, the Rangers should have enough fire power to get to Rzepcyinski. Holland goes for the Rangers.
  • The Bay Rays over the Red Sox: Garza needs to be sharp for the pick to be correct, but he should beat Wakefield.
  • The Rockies over the Reds: Here come those Rockies again. They are like a rash, you think you've got them taken care of and here they come. Cook over Arroyo.
  • The Twins over the Royals: Giving up on Greinke getting wins. Going with Duensing.
  • The Diamondbacks over the Giants: Zito has had a real rough second half, which is sad. Young Hudson should win.
  • The Athletics over the Mariners: French flirted with a no-hitter last time out but he won't beat Gio Gonzalez.
  • The Dodgers over the Padres: The Padres have to go with Luebke. The Dodgers win with Billingsley.

And the Game of the Day:

  • The Cardinals over the Brewers: Again, apologies to Mr. Capuano, but his manager shouldn't be starting him. Easy win for the Cardinals with Garcia.

Yesterday: 8-7
Week: 25-21
Month: 48-49
Season: 1165-872
Games of the Day: 75-63

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