Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ubaldo Denied Again - Plus An Unexpected Sight

Ubaldo Jiminez seemed a lock to win twenty games this season. He had fifteen wins by July 5. He was a sensation. Then Jiminez had a little rough patch and got cuffed around for a few games. But in August and September, he's been back to brilliant. Except he isn't winning.

The Rockies scored a pile of runs during Ubaldo's early run but it has dried up. We are talking about a team that has averaged 4.68 runs per game since the first of August. In August and September, Jiminez has lost four games where the Rockies scored a total of four runs. On August 15, he pitched eight innings and gave up three runs and struck out ten. But he left with the score tied and didn't get a decision though the Rockies won the game. And then there was Saturday.

Jiminez again was terrific against Arizona. He pitched six innings and struck out eight while giving up only one run. He left with the score tied 1-1 for a pinch hitter. He could have pitched longer but the National League is the quaint league and the pitchers have to hit. So that's another no decision. The tally then is four losses receiving only four runs of offensive support and two no-decisions where he gave up four runs in 14 innings with a team that has been scoring runs in bunches Bummer.

Anyway, while the Fan was looking at this box score to see how Jiminez fared, a name caught the Fan's eye in Arizona's pitching line. The name said, "Hampton." Hampton? The Fan clicked on the link for Hampton's name and sure enough, it was Mike Hampton, the once great pitcher for the Astros who got the big contract and then got injured endlessly. When did he start pitching for Arizona? Why hasn't that been a story?

It appears that Hampton has become a LOOGY. He's made two appearances covering 1.2 innings and he hasn't given up a run. Neat. Who knew!? Apparently Hampton signed as a free agent with the Diamonbacks on August 21. That's a pretty cool piece of news that completely slipped the Fan's notice.

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Josh Borenstein said...

People will look back and ask what happened after he got those 15 wins in the 1st half. While he hasn't been terrific in the 2nd half, he should have 20 by now. No question about that. Run support is a fickle thing.