Monday, April 11, 2011

Game Picks - Monday: April 11, 2011

Remember that great day on Saturday? Well, a lot of it was given back on Sunday. It wasn't a good day. It looked like the Reds had pulled out their game and then the bullpen exploded. The Mariners kicked the ball around for Bedard. Cole Hamel and Josh Beckett showed their first starts were flukes. No, it just wasn't a good day. And like the Bay Rays, the Game of the Day feature just can't buy a win. That feature now has six straight losses.

It's raining here, but at least it is somewhat warm. But to quote the Carpenters, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." Let's see if these pick can't provide a pick-me-up:

  • The Tigers over the Rangers: Yeah, the teams are going in opposite directions, but you have to pick Verlander over Ogando, don't you?
  • The Mets over the Rockies: Pelfrey has looked bad so far. But Hammel wasn't great his first time out either and has lost his only outing at Citi Field. Mets with the win.
  • The Bay Rays over the Red Sox: Got to believe that Hellickson will bamboozle the Red Sox while Dice-K gives up enough runs to lose.
  • The Cubs over the Astros: Dempster hasn't exactly been throwing lights out. But neither is Figueroa. The Cubs out-score the weak hitting Astros.
  • The Athletics over the White Sox: Going with Braden over Buehrle since Buehrle is 4-13 lifetime against Oakland. Braden will have to be better than last time out though.
  • The Cardinals over the Diamondbacks: The Cards hit better yesterday, have McClellan on the mound and Enright will implode like Enron.
  • The Padres over the Reds: Impossible game to pick. You never know what Volquez will do nor how Latos will respond in his first start of the year. Going with the home team in a game that might be a bullpen affair.
  • The Indians over the Angels: Another impossible game. They all look difficult, don't they? Talbot? A kid making his MLB debut for the Angels (Tyler Chatwood). Who knows.
  • The Dodgers over the Giants: Going with Kershaw over Bumgarner. Bumgarner is at home and seems to pitch better on the road. Kershaw can be no-hit stuff on any given night.

And the Game of the Day

  • The Mariners over the Blue Jays: How can you ever pick against Felix Hernandez? You can't and be sane.

Yesterday: 6-9
Week: 6-9
Month: 69-63
Season: 69-63
Games of the Day: 3-8


Eric said...

You don't have to pick Verlander over Ogando. He is the better pitcher, but that doesn't always translate into a W.

Anonymous said...

it looks you can bet against king Felix and be very sane :(


Anonymous said...

man, what a comeback