Thursday, April 14, 2011

Game Picks - Thursday: April 14, 2011

Yesterday wasn't that bad a day for picking games. Eight correct. Six incorrect. The results were certainly better than Tuesday. It is wished that in a toss-up game like the Braves/Marlins, that this picker had believed more in Josh Johnson. Picking against the Cardinals was a pretty dumb move. But overall, one can't be too unhappy with the overall results. But one fact continues to gall. That darn Game of the Day feature has to be dragged out and shot. The Fan simply cannot buy success for that feature. Remember that the Game of the Day is usually a pick that the Fan feels more strongly about than any other game. In other words, if the Fan was a betting man, this would be the game the Fan would put his money on. Let's just say it's a good thing the Fan isn't a betting man.

The Red Sox and Bay Rays were rained out. That may have been the most merciful of anything that happened yesterday. The game will be made up at a later date since the Rays have to play Minnesota today.

We've been fortunate so far in that no day has not been without a pretty good selection of games. We haven't had a Monday or a Thursday where nearly everyone was off. Today (Thursday) is no exception with eleven games on the schedule including a make up double-header by the Rockies and Mets. Here's the picks:

  • The Rockies and Mets split their double-header: The Mets will win the first game with Dickey pitching. Greg Reynolds counters and was decent against Pittsburgh. The Mets should be more of a challenge though. The Fan like De La Rosa in the second game over Capuano.
  • The Bay Rays over the Twins: Carl Pavano looks pretty hittable to this point and so, for a fact, does Shields. But the Rays are over their little offensive coma and should score enough to win at home.
  • The Yankees over the Orioles: This game will go one of two ways. Either Hughes will stink again and get lit up and it will be a slugfest, or Hughes will figure some things out and pitch a good game. In either case, the Yankees win.
  • The Brewers over the Pirates: This game features little hope for pitching as Wolf faces off against Maholm. So, in a game of batting practice, the Brewers are always going to look better than the Pirates.
  • The Braves over the Marlins: The Fan should leave off the Marlins in this daily feature because you never know what team you will get from day to day. Nolasco could be good. Or he could be terrible. They could hit. Or they can't. Ah well, let's pick Beachy and the Braves in this one and hope for the best.
  • The Padres over the Astros: Dustin Moseley versus Bud Norris. Now there's a match up for the ages, eh? Neither has won a game yet. One of them has to. But will either pitcher make it to the sixth inning to qualify? Moseley has more of a chance to do that than Norris, who is 1-4 with a stratospheric ERA against the NL West.
  • The Royals over the Mariners: Bruce Chen has made a believer out of this Fan. He's not a great pitcher, but he's made a career out of beating weaker teams. The Mariners qualify. Poor Doug Fister. He might qualify for this year's Blyleven award.
  • The Athletics over the Tigers: Phil Coke will give the lefty-leaning A's trouble, but Gio Gonzalez is one of the best and will give up nothing.
  • The Cardinals over the Dodgers: Great pitching match up here that could go either way. It's Kuroda versus Jaime Garcia, who has been brilliant. Kuroda has also been brilliant. Somebody has to win. Going with the Cardinals who now have Albert Pujols hitting again and Berkman is making a genius out of this humble writer.

And the Game of the Day (pleading for this to be right):

  • The Phillies over the Nationals: Poor Jordan Zimmermann is not going to get any benefit from his better pitching this year. Not when his buddy over at third with one less "N" in his last name is on the DL and he is facing Cliff Lee.

Yesterday: 8-6
Week: 26-25
Month: 89-79
Season: 89-79
Games of the Day: 4-10 oh hush.

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